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Bengale Rouge

Eau de Parfum

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Baby ointment, baby oil, baby creme. There is something in this that reminds me of an ointment you might apply to a baby. It has a touch of opoponax which gives it a Shalimar like aroma. The labdanum must be what comes across baby like to me. Warm, comforting, has a femininity to it but not extreme.
By   - Writer from Los Angeles, CA on 2/7/2021
I bought a sample after seeing a lot of press and interest about it being influenced by the perfumer’s Bengale cat and many great reviews and wanted to try. After multiple wearings was unmoved personally by an aggressive top note of cassia/ cinnamon like note more like red hot candies that overwhelmed the fragrance or perhaps kept presenting too loud on my skin. There was not a lot of Bengale impression or artistry perhaps a common labdanum amber accord found in beginning natural perfume. The blend was uneven. I did not understand the hype maybe it was marketing? Just not that interesting to my nose perhaps to super cinnamon fans.
By   - Musician from Portland on 11/6/2020
Horrible.. Very VERY strong.. peppery.. I just put on a little bit and it blew up and stayed with me the entire day.. It has a light powdery sillage that is sort of nice but the peppery part stayed under my nose. It also smells very vintage and although I am middle aged, I felt like an old woman all day. This is a hate it or love it scent. It did not sit well on me.
By   - Law Office from Atlanta on 10/9/2019
Rrrrrrrrrrr..... this is BEAST MODE....spray carefully at first. A potent elixir like all of Papillon fragrances. Very hard to describe. Sandalwood, spices, sweet, golden dark.... addictive. Try a sample..... this is not subtle. I love that house of perfume. True craftsmanship of fragrances. Along with Ani of Nishane, this will be on the list of favourites of many perfume critics soon. LOVE IT!
By   - Artist from Vancouver. on 9/21/2019
I love this. It's spicy, cozy, and the tiny sample amount I put on at about 10:30 this morning has lasted all dang day. It's nearly 8pm and I'm still sniffing my wrists. But I have to reminds me a lot of a more refined Obsession. Calvin Klein Obsession was my first Perfume in high school. I wore it to death, likely to the irritation of everyone around me. I still have a little bottle because putting it on is like wearing an enormous comfortable sweater that is worn-in at the elbows. Bengale Rouge, to me, smooths the rough cinnamon and vanilla of Obsession, turns it to cashmere. I hope it isn't heresy to make this comparison; I really love Bengale Rouge.
By   - Librarian from Memphis on 9/16/2019
i used to wear Anna Pliska for years and this reminded me of it .. a tiny bit richer.. it is warm and comforting which is what i look for these days. NOT overpowering .. i get a powdery amber ... a tiny bit of vanila and honey.. I have to be careful living in the heat to not let a perfume during summer knock me down.. i like this one... it's soft on me and gentle..
By   - talent agent from st pete on 8/4/2019
Received my sample and am thoroughly smitten with this deep, warm, cuddle-inducing rose perfume. Between the pure classic beauty of the rose and the warm sweetness of honey, vanilla and tonka, there’s also the powdery softness of orris and labdanum...and last but not least, an irresistible sassy sweetness, with just a hint of spice from the myrrh. Beguiling and enchanting, this is a scented masterpiece. I’m so glad I preordered my bottle!
By   - Aftercare Director  from Indianapolis on 7/24/2019
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