Naomi Goodsir

Or du Serail

Eau de Parfum

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Or Du Serail is one of the sweetest, spicy/smoky perfumes I've found. It has staying power, and dries down to smell almost exactly the same as when I first spritz it on. My BF says it's my signature scent, despite him being a vanilla fan. This reminds me of a humidor, or that loose tobacco that your grandpa would stuff in his old polished walnut pipe.
By   - paramedic from Chicago on 1/29/2019
Amazing beachy scent with musc and spice. I can't wait until summer to wear this by itself. I wore it today, layered with New Sibet from Slumberhouse to add a bit more musc and spice for winter. It is amazing on its own and gorgeous when layered. Naomi is such a wizard with perfume!
By   - Student from Nashville on 1/11/2018
Intoxicating little number. So thick you could almost slice it. A tropical vacation in a bottle. I adore Serail, but there are very few occasions to wear it because of its immense sillage. I use a tiny dab from my sample vial when wearing it in public.
By   - healthcare from Boston on 1/22/2017
My nose is getting better and I now appreciate tobacco and booze more than I used to. The only fault with this now is that it doesn't have great longevity, but it is very nice.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 11/2/2016
The only miss for me in the line. It's just too boozy and sweet for me, without much development or balance. (I don't always care about balance, but here since I don't love the main notes, I found myself looking for something else to occur to break up the sweetness.)
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/23/2016
I had to get a sample of this parfum because the notes included were just to interesting to pass by. When I first applied, sugar. Sugar and sweet everywhere! I waited a few minutes and I got this coastal vibe, maybe even imagined myself on a yacht where everyone has a drink in hand and a smile on their face. A few hours later, I am now nuzzled in my grandfathers library having him read to me over his nightly cup of tea. I fell so hard for this transformation that I immediately bought a bottle.
By   - Designer from ATX on 4/23/2015
First I wasn't into it but a year later I can't get tired of it. Love it.
By   - from NYC on 1/17/2015
Softly sweet in the best sense. Reminiscent of warm skin on a tropical island without being a cliche. The woodsy/musky dry down gives it a sexy edge. Remains elegant throughout. I need a full bottle soon!
By   - from Boston on 10/19/2014
This is definitely a sweet scent and the tobacco is very light. Most of what I smell is apple, honey, vanilla and amber. It's very nice, and maybe suited to cooler weather, will definitely wear again in the fall. I do wish it had some of the incense like Cuir Velours or Bois d'Ascese to balance out the sweetness.
By   - from Phoenix, AZ on 6/19/2014
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