Cologne Extra-Vieille

Eau de Cologne Concentrée

by Oriza L. Legrand

Cologne Extra-Vieille Sizes Available:
300ml $195
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Cologne Extra-Vieille...
Smells like a cologne. Nothing perfumy about this one. Can't tell the difference between this and a standard, inexpensive drugstore cologne.
By   - Writer from Denver on 9/2/2018
Really Great fragrance!! I tend to look for darker,incensy types...but I received this in my sample pack. It is the best cologne type I have sampled so far. It is something any one could wear, and feel clean, without that soapy note as well as citrusy without that fake lemon aroma. This is not your typical run of the mill "cologne" I will purchase soon:)
By   - collecting fine fragrances from Midwest on 11/14/2017
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