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Eau de Parfum

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I have tried Chypre Mousse by Oriza and loved how unusual and hauntingly beautiful it was, so was looking forward to trying this. Unlike Chypre Mousse which is so very present from the moment of application to the moment it is washed off, Heliotrope Blanc fades to the background. The first 3 hours of wear I smell nothing but baby powder and clean baby (which is not an unpleasant scent by any means but not something I'd necessarily aim to smell like). After that, I smell a faint muskiness and almond in amongst a muted heliotrope and white floral. I don't get orange blossom or iris or mimosa. I have such a sensitivity to fragrances and Chypre Mousse is one I'd have to be very careful with as it could be headache inducing veeery quickly because of it's sheer strength. However, Heliotrope Blanc is one of the only perfumes I've thought I could actually wear to bed as it is a very comforting, soft fragrance. I am keen to try more Oriza fragrances as they are so very unusual, but I won't be buying this one as it's not quite for me.
By   - Research from Perth, Western Australia on 4/20/2015
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