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Brandy-spiked hot chocolate, with camphor-heavy patchouli leaves,, blonde and dark tobacco leaves, and potting soil. It is so delicious! The oak is particularly strong in this one, as is the amber accord with the honey, benzoin and vanilla.
By   - Editor from Tucson on 8/31/2021
love the unexpected chocolate note you get in the first few minutes, then it dries down to a kind classic amber-y patchouli scent. very heady and sexy, so a little goes a long way. the dry down actually reminds me a lot of Tabu, that old perfume in the violin shaped bottle that I'm pretty sure you can get at rite aid? not sure if I would spring for a full bottle of Horizon, personally, but it's worth sampling!
By   - editor from washington dc on 11/20/2020
Sublime - a well-rounded blend of the ingredients listed whose sum is beyond its parts. It smells out of time, to be honest. I suggest ordering a sample and try it a few times. The first time I didn't 'get' it and felt it was too baroque. I tried it after some time had lapsed and I get it now.
By   - communications from Santa Monica on 4/9/2019
I neglected to mention in my previous 5 Star review that Horizon will be the fifth full bottle I buy from Oriza via Luckyscent. Yippeeee........ :)
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 8/7/2016
Horizon opens up with Oriza's signature medicinal brew. From there, I get a mouth-watering, bitter, herbal chocolate, typical of the kind I pick out myself at the gourmet market. Up comes the patchouli as I recognize it, with nuances of tobacco and a kind of dirtiness that instantly makes dancing flappers come to mind. I really wish the development of this fragrance was not so quick because I'd like all those wonderful surprises to stick around longer. A refined patchouli fully emerges in the dry down, and one that stays close to the skin. I'm not usually into patchouli-dominated frags, but I found this one to be absolutely delicious. This is yet another winner from Legrand. I love this house.
By   - Retired Artist from New York City on 8/7/2016
I was really disappointed with this scent. I had high hopes with the descriptions and the association with the 1920's. It comes off very musky and honestly rank. There is no sweetness from the supposed honey and vanilla notes. It literally smelled like wet leather to me. I had wipe it off my wrists. I'd recommend Reve D'Ossian by Oriza L. Legrand for a sweeter and spicy scent.
By   - Analyst from Portland, OR on 2/25/2016
Bold and heavy, with great woodfire and peaty notes right up front and tobacco, leather, cocoa, toasted barley (!), honey, and vanilla coming in after to outline, yes, a very solid and non-wafting patchouli. I am NOT a patchouli fan most days, but I could definitely make this an occasional exception.
By   - editor from Seattle on 10/26/2015
Alas, pure bug spray on me. Horizon was just too strong and sweet, and the notes reminded me of being sprayed with DEET before a hike in Ireland. Horizon isn't really old-fashioned despite its vintage; I have a friend with the opposite skin chemistry on mine, and I think it would be intoxicating on her, while on me, all the wrong notes were emphasized. The staying power and consistency of the fragrance was remarkable - a full 24 hours.
By   - Office from Boston on 10/20/2014
I've long been a patchouli fan so I was eager to try this scent. Definitely not for me... I caught a nice patchouli aroma at first, but when I actually tried it on and wore it a while it dried down to a scent that is WAY too powdery for me. It has a very baby powder-like smell, which to me is a huge turn-off in a scent. It smells like baby powder scented with patchouli, with a light hint of musk added in. No thank you.
By   - from Chicago Il on 10/17/2014
This patchouli starts out sharp and medicinal, and then the cocoa and bitter orange come roaring in like a steam engine. More pungent than sweet, Horizon has a decided vintage character. I couldn't leave it on for more than an hour to find out if the myriad other notes listed show up or if it mellows out eventually.
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 10/13/2014
The best patchouli I could ever imagine. It radiates a classy yet delicious aura off of my skin. Seems a tad vintage in a way too. An absolute love for me!
By   - broker on 7/14/2014
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