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I received a sample of this and I must say that it smells gorgeous. I usually tend to steer away from Lily scents, as it can be overpowering in some fragrances. The Lily here is very soft and beautiful. I can also see how the “wet stone” and moss fits the description. Hope to purchase this soon.
By   - Analyst from San Diego on 4/6/2021
omg, ok, so, this scent is so unusual and somehow hits the brief exactly as described. my only complaint is that it fades a bit fast on my skin, but overall love it
By   - editor from washington dc on 11/10/2020
This scent brings out my inner vampire. Smells like a burial ceremony with a service commencing in an ancient church. Think marble and stone statues, an outdoor courtyard with bramble vines, rosewood pews, and fresh stargazer lilies. It's as if the souls of the departed are captured in this fragrance. I get wet stone (NOT GEOSMIN), primordial earth, cedar and incense. I'm a huge incense lover. It took me a while to get this in my collection but I finally have it now. I can't be without it. I guess I'm a sucker for green incense smells. As a woman, I tend to lean more, "masculine" in my fragrances and this can go either way.
By   - Happiness Advocate from Los Angeles, California on 10/16/2020
I hoped that wearing Relique D'Amour would re-create the experience of an evensong service at a college of Oxford University. While I could immediately detect "cold stone walls covered with damp moss," the wood and incense were nearly absent. Worst of all, the scent disappeared almost as soon as I applied it – like an ephemeral sprinkle of rain.
By   - Educator from Dallas, TX on 10/9/2018
I was looking for a fragrance with an incense vibe to it, but not one that is so overpowering or filled with a smoke smell. This one did not disappoint, Complex with a wonderful smells in incense, but more complex.
By   - Marketing from New York on 1/14/2018
Not gothic at all, not to my nose. It reminded me immediately of a perfume - was it perfumes isabell? Back in mid nineties, perfumer was a celebrity florist and the selling point was they would deliver within two days - irresistible to a perfume nut in the days before the internet. Anyways. One of them was called calla, and this is practically identical. The bright top note is goldenrod yellow, slightly powdery and almost puckers the back of your throat ( no lie I am getting Giorgio) and this keeps the lily from being too indolent or thick. Quality is lovely, smells very natural, somewhat springlike and youthful.
By   - Attorney from Upstate new york on 1/4/2018
I was told to expect "wet stone," and tried not to think about that when I put it on. But I was really blown away by how fast I put this on and "WET STONE" flashed in my brain like neon. Smells exactly like that! It is pretty uncanny! There's a little bit of a mildew vibe going on that I *super* don't hate, and the pine note lingers the longest. My only complaint-- but a big, important one-- is WOW does this scent not want even remotely want to stay on my body. I put it on and it was pretty much instantly gone-- mere seconds, really. Musty, wet, outdoorsy smells are my favorite, so if this had any staying power, I'd seriously contemplate buying this. For now, I'll just use my sample every now and then and cross my fingers that it stays on.
By   - Human from New York on 10/3/2017
I wanted to love this one since I am an Oriza L. Legrand devotee. I don't feel the need to reiterate other reviews found so matter-of-factly written and agreeable by me like the one directly below. I do wish I had picked up on that pine and gotten the incense, but since that didn't happen for me, I will finish my review on a positive note by underscoring my enthusiasm for the yellow pollen and waxed wooden floor effect. Relique is a diaphanous veil with delicate ribbon draped over a slab of cold tombstone. Very nice.
By   - Retired Artist from New York City on 8/13/2016
I am really enjoying trying the Oriza line - Chypre Mousse is still, by far, the most outstanding of those I've sampled - and I was so excited to try this one. The opening has all the Oriza trademarks with the pine and herbaceous notes, all cool and wet and bristly. Within 5 minutes, I get a very powdery floral, something more like jasmine than white lily, definitely a white floral with a liberal dusting of powder and here it stays. I sadly do not get a lot of incense and it is only as it is dying I get the woody notes but only slightly more prominent than a whispering white flower. The sillage is very small after the first 15 minutes and lasting power is pretty poor for an eau de parfum - if you had told me it was a cologne I would have believed it. I wanted more from this perfume - I wanted bolder incense, something resinous, smokey, stuffy, dusty, enveloping, something that would totally make me yield and Relique just did not deliver. However, I cannot fault the quality of the ingredients and the beauty of the range - nothing in the Oriza line is boring. Definitely for someone who wants something very quiet and reflective.
By   - Research from Perth, Western Australia on 6/17/2015
The Luckyscent description is excellent -- wet stone, beeswax, moss, wood, and a lily floral note gliding o'er all. It's extraordinarily well-built and has one of the most beautiful, dignified sillages of anything in my collection. I think I could alternate between this and Tauer's L'air du Desert Marocain for the rest of my life and be really quite happy.
By   - from Seattle on 4/26/2015
The description of Relique d'Amour by both Luckyscent and the other reviewers presses all of my nerd buttons, so I expected to at least like it. I did indeed get all of the notes described, very clearly, and interestingly, in sequence. It IS like walking into a small stone chapel lit with beeswax candles, going up the aisle, pausing to open a missal, and then finding a seat in a polished wooden pew next to a display of Madonna lilies. It's genius. However, I loved it for a different reason - Relique d'Amour dries down to a simple, elegant wood + citrus + leather note that reminds me of a summer job I had as a teenager at Louis Vuitton many years ago - the boutique smelled wonderful on rainy days. I would often wish I could climb into a handbag and spend the night. Now, I (sort of) can. The sillage is very close to the skin, so this one is for just you and your loved ones. The drydown notes last all day on me, but the adventure of the opening notes is fun every time I wear this.
By   - Office from Boston on 10/16/2014
Outstanding. The Pine is effervescent and refreshing on initial application. Moments later the White Lily comes along. Completely natural. Absolutely real. There is something more too, the blend of Fresh Herbs, Moss, Waxed Wood as described, and yes, truly the cold stone. The faintest whiff of Molecule 01 develops within the first 30 minutes which may be the deal breaker for me as Iso E Super has been known to give me headaches. While I tend to find my heart lusting over deep, exotic, amber based scents. I purchased this sample on a whim, wanting something for the cooler fall weather. So glad I did! I may not be able to wear this due to the chemistry, but my husband sure can! Beautiful for a woman or man.
By   - from Portland on 9/25/2014
I was astonished to find the aroma of my classic Mercedes car, a 220 SEb ‘fintail’1966. A rich conglomeration of wood and leather, with just the faintest hint of mustiness. The smell was one of the factors which induced me to buy the car, and I remember thinking ‘No perfumer could ever duplicate this’. Well I was wrong, here it is. Amazing. But even if I hadn’t got the car, I would still admire this perfume. It’s the scent of heritage, class and old money – in a bottle.
By   - Retired doctor from UK on 9/12/2014
This is a real experience of place perfume. A bit of awakening pine at the open quickly gives way to a spacious expanse of cool stone, well-worn wood, incense smoke and lily. Less a perfume and more a close cloud inspiring quiet contemplation (the undercurrent of elemi) and refuge - just the thing to put on after a long, hot day. I wish the longevity was better than a few short hours, especially for a parfum.
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 8/9/2014
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