Gold Incense

Eau de Parfum

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"A deviant yellow brick road. A long flowing black DVF dress with smoky eye. Oversized beauty mark. The starkly lit Noh theatre. A tilt of the head drives you mad. Emotional camouflage. Jimmy Scott - The Source. She leads you down the dark hallway. Intense, directive, summoning." -AW Other notes: lasts forever 24hrs+
By   - Artist from Pittsburgh on 12/4/2018
Gold Incense seems to have been formulated in the spirit of those big-shouldered '80s fragrances that hit you over the head with florals, fruit, and base notes all at once. Ironically, incense isn't the major player here -- in fact I can barely detect it among the vanilla and musky elements vying for attention. The coffee and patchouli notes strain to be noticed and the entire composition keeps the florals in a choke hold. "Three-dimensional" and "robust" are accurate descriptors, but I wouldn't call this sophisticated or elegant by any stretch. Glad I tried a sample first.
By   - Editor from New England on 8/22/2018
Received this with 15 other samples ordered... and this is the ONLY one that I purchased in a full size bottle! It smells strong and "musky" at first.. hence the name... definitely smells like strong incense but then bottoms out to a soft vanilla creamy fragrance which is beautiful and more calming. Has moderate staying power.
By   - IT from NYC on 7/9/2018
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