Hindu Kush

Eau de Parfum

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It’s a good scent for what it is. Personally, it’s almost identical to Tom Ford Tobacco Oud, but Hindu Kush is more beastly in projection. I would pass on buying a full bottle. Stick with another Mancera like Aoud Lemon Mint or Instant Crush. They are worth it.
By   - Procurement Intern from Louisville on 3/18/2021
I am ordering my 2nd bottle of this. I love it and have had several different people ask me what I scent I am wearing. That is a sign to me that it does smell good on my skin even after many hours. A lot of fragrances disappear on me very quickly. This one tends to stay.
By   - Housewife from Lake Forest, IL 60045 on 9/14/2019
I LOVE this and all of it's spicy musk-tastic-ness, and the name Hindu Kush is compelling. Kush? It's like "cute" with a "k" and tush put together. BUT my husband thinks I smell like the wall of scented candle that hits him if he has the misfortune to take our girls into a Michael's or AC Moore around the holidays. I guess it's the clove. There might be some cinnamon in there too. :(
By   - potter from Philadelphia on 3/11/2019
Hindu Kush has a strong oriental woodsy (perhaps, the cannabis) fragrance with a slightly sweet bent! I get the spices, labdanum, incense, the strong patchouli leaf, mixed with some amber, vanilla, and musk that is very detectable. A good frag head (Hednic-basenotes) shared some insight, ultimately helping with the acquisition of this which really helped. Hindu Kush is very strong,...POTENT is the correct word; you do not need much of this, as with this brand-some you only need a spray and a half and you are set on projection, longevity, silage, and performance. A very masculine fragrance that will garner many compliments!!
By   - Director from Wyoming on 8/13/2018
Hindu Kush!!! absolutely gorgeous scent, it lingers all day. My experience with this Parfum has definitely open my options to luxury scents, on my skin i have an aroma of smells from the different woods, a hint of black pepper and cumin not too overpowering and as the scent dry into your skin after about 2 hours you get the amber, white musk and vanilla!!! I recommend this Parfum if you like the Oud scents.
By   - Concierge from New York on 7/12/2018
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