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Also not for me. Probably the patchouli? I haven't yet tried BR540 edp but I've tried the extrait and this smells nothing like that does on me. Starts out a bit loud-and-confusing, dries down to synthetic unpleasant.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/14/2020
Fabulous! I got this as a sample and had to get the FB. It's delightful and I can't stop smelling my wrists after I spray it on. Lasts for over 12 hours, rich and creamy and light. I love this.
By   - writer from DC on 12/7/2019
People will lead you to believe that this smells like baccarat rouge and it does NOT. This fragrance may have similarities within the first few minutes of wear but that similarity fades quickly. On me it is sweet and reminds me more of honey oud from montale than baccarat rouge. It is a beautiful fragrance and smells unique but I dont think I will purchase a Fb. A little too sweet for me.
By   - Educator  from Huntington Beach on 11/7/2019
This one is not my favorite. From the description, I guess I was expecting a hint of sweetness from the vanilla or some syrupy amber in there to make it soft and feminine. This one smells like some very expensive dried leaves? Very dry. With a pile of sawdust and some campfire smoke. It smells like a rich city man's lumberjack wilderness fantasy.
By   - Sales from Lawrence on 9/16/2019
Amazing!! Defintely blind buy worthy in my opinion. I've heard alot of people comparing this scent to MFK BR 540, I would say they are like distant cousins, slight similarities but not the same. It's intense and unisex for sure, this is a sexy fragrance with a hint of everything, nothing out shining the other ...its sweet (but not intoxicating) spicy, woody....and instant crush!! ??very well balanced!
By   - Registered nurse  from New york on 8/26/2019
I was so looking forward to this sample because I love Baccarat Rouge 540 (and the description mentioned that if you like BR 540 you would love Instant Crush). Well, you may but I took an instant dislike to it. I have a feeling it is the saffron top note or my body chemistry and saffron. If you are curious give a sample a try. It is different. Just not my kind of different.
By   - Business Owner from Sedona, AZ on 8/23/2019
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