Black Vanilla

Eau de Parfum

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Probably the perfect floral vanilla in my opinion. It's soft, sweet and delicious without being cloying. Definitely FBW and signature scent worthy if vanilla is your sort of scent. I've tried many vanillas that claim to be a "grown up vanilla" and this one definitely delivers.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 6/2/2019
I like this one for day time. I wish the fruit held on a little longer, it fades fast, and black currant and peach are delicious. But what's left is a vanilla-coconut-jasmine that smells like a vacation but is too refined to ever be confused with any mall store suntan lotion scent. The vanilla keeps its hands on the wheel though, and this never becomes a floral or coconut scent. It holds onto a "sweetened milk" feel throughout, while it flirts first with fruit, and then with flowers. Pleasant and feminine, and not overpowering. Nobody is going to say this smells bad, even if it's not their thing.
By   - writer from all over on 10/31/2018
Lovely. The fruit lasts about 10-15 minutes, I wish it lasted longer, but it fades into a slightly floral-y vanilla, which dries down to a plain vanilla, but one which smells expensive and incredibly well blended. The name is kind of a misnomer, one would expect a rich, spicy scent out of "Black Vanilla", but this is gentle, feminine, young, and almost simplistic. It does smell a little like a fruit-milk that becomes a floral-milk. Would give it 5 stars if the other notes stuck around longer.
By   - writer from Cincinnati on 9/2/2018
I will never understand that naming choice, nor does the fleeting opening twang of bergamot make any sense in context, but after a few moments this is a pretty and indeed non-syrupy vanilla, framed by an equally non-syrupy peach and jasmine. The overall effect is clean thanks to an aldehydic white musk and very femme, with unremarkable sillage.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/4/2018
Smells exactly like "Vanilla in the mist" from Lush, but still stronger ! Very very sweet, very vanilla, very girly, not to wear on sunny days or on hot weathers, nor if you wake up with nausea or headache ! Brings me 20 years back, when I was a teenager and could only afford supermarket's fragrances. Definitely not my type of fragrance.
By   - teacher from Metz, France on 1/1/2018
Another Emperor Has No Clothes scent, much like Eau d'Italie's Morn to Dusk. This is a gorgeous vanilla with light flowers and light fruit, incredibly well blended, and you can smell it for about 15 minutes if you press your nose to your wrist. So many of these scents would be worth the price if they put the amount of oil in the scent that the price demands, but instead there seems to be a rush of beautiful gourmands that disappear on contact because the company is trying to be cheap. Very sad.
By   - graduate student from Los Angeles on 12/20/2017
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