Roses Greedy

Eau de Parfum

Roses Greedy Sizes Available:
120ml $180 $110
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Roses Greedy...
This is like a rose petal infused sugar water! I can’t quite dissect all the notes in here, but it’s very fresh, light, sugary, and feminine rose scent. It’s definitely for spring and for daytime. Although it’s light and fresh, in a typical Mancera fasion, it’s got great longevity and sillage. It was a blind buy for me, and I love it!
By   - Pharmacist from PA on 9/18/2019
This smells like a perfect rose garden on a sunny day. I didn't smell any of the other notes except roses. Very feminine and pretty scent, I would buy again,
By   - Customer Service from Columbia on 6/13/2016
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