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This is a scent that fans of 'Bal a Versailles' would enjoy, and I would call it more wearable than "Bal". I know fragrant folks like to call this the 'naughty' genre, but in truth is a classic, winter scent. I"m really enjoying my sample and am moving this to my 'wish list'
By   - Business Analyst from Durham on 8/1/2021
This is a spellbinding scent. When I first put it on, I did not like it at all. However, in about 15 minutes I couldn't keep my nose off my wrist It really takes about 30 minutes or so for the scent to develope. The patchouli is detectable, but in concert with the other scents. It is very sexy, almost provocatively so. It's become one of my favorites, and definitely worth a try.
By   - Retired Travel Agent from Little Rock on 9/8/2018
I should have read the description better before ordering because this is a fruity chypre and, to me, chypre translates to "old lady" smell. However, if there was any chypre I might tolerate it would be this one thanks to the fruity notes. Still, though, the sample I bought will be used as bathroom freshener. Can't waste any days wearing distasteful perfume.
By   - CPM from Los Angeles on 6/23/2017
I did not like the scent at all. I did not smell any of the peach or fruit. I sell the floral and moss elements. On me, the dry down was powdery and musky. This is not the scent for me.
By   - Education  from Jacksonville, FL on 5/7/2016
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