4160 Tuesdays

Doe in the Snow

Eau de Parfum

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It a light soapy scent to me, which I really enjoy!
By   - Personal from Barlett on 3/20/2021
I think this is my favorite of the 4160 line. There is something pretty and innocent about (or maybe it's just the power of suggestion, and I'm thinking of a big-eyed, fluttery lash Bambi), but the "iced" chypre quality makes it more of an evil fairy than a Disney woodland creature. There are hints of CB I Hate Perfume's Winter 1962 (or whatever year it is), but under the snowy surface there's a feather-light floral aura that sort of blooms thru and around the ice. It's both unique and wearable. I love it.
By   - Psychotherapist from Portland on 8/16/2019
Love, love, this!!!! There is a wonderful crisp coldness about it.
By   - online retailer from USA on 9/16/2017
Doe in the Snow is a delicate citrus chypre, completely inoffensive and suitable for almost any occasion. When you want an understated fragrance that doesn't shout - but still remains interesting and certainly not boring - Doe in the Snow is a perfect choice. It's lovely and seems so perfect for what it was intended, a winter wedding, although it would work any time of the year and in any climate. Nicely balanced and blended. A great introduction to chypre as well, as the oakmoss is easy going.
By   - Self employed  from USA on 6/26/2016
The artist's description certainly paints a lovely picture and you can imagine it in a vintage photo book. Sadly, I detected nothing in particular. Just a generic perfume like I have a feeling Avon scents probably smell like. This fragrance has a home on someone else's neck, I'm sure, as Ms. McCartney gets many accolades. Did nothing for me though.
By   - Librarian from Indianapolis on 3/1/2015
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