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Tart's Knicker Drawer

Eau de Parfum

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This is lovely and very well done... The problem is that it's been done before. Because the name calls to mind Putain des Palaces, I thought for certain it would *not* smell like it, that 4160 would go out of their way to avoid any similarities. I was wrong. This sits right between PdP and Femme. Seeing as how I have both, I don't think I need a full bottle of Knickers. But it certainly does meet the criteria for just plain smelling gorgeous.
By   - Psychotherapist from Portland on 8/16/2019
Fun is the perfect decscriptor for this scent. I agree with the other reviewers: there's a throwback quality to it but alas, it doesn't last long.
By   - Accountant from Hudson on 2/22/2019
Plus: Love this BIG scent - exactly as described with giant florals on me. Minus: Zero lasting power, gone within 15 minutes...
By   - Sample Tester from SoCal on 8/11/2016
This fragrance did not work for me, not sure if it was the powdery notes, i had to wash it off as soon as i could.
By   - Administrative  from bethany on 7/1/2016
It's all rose, powder and jasmine and yes, smells like a knicker drawer sachet. There's something very British about this scent too- it's clearly not a knicker drawer filled with neon thongs and bombshell bras but more black velvet and white satin. Sadly, this scent lasts for maybe 5 minutes on me and then fades. The rose and jasmine fade to the benzoin note. To me it's a very comfortable scent. For those old enough to remember how Victoria's Secret smelled back in the 80's when they were still a lingerie store and, this is a throwback to that .
By   - Cat Lover from The Midwest on 6/21/2016
The ingredient list made it seem that I would love this scent. Sadly, it was one of my least favorite of all the Lucky Scent samples I've tried.
By   - writer from Chicago on 5/14/2016
Fun perfume! panty drawer sachets and body dusting powder! but the dry down is too amber for me, will love if amber is your thing! fun, pretty!
By   - from NYC on 2/23/2015
I sampled this out of sheer curiosity and I'm glad I did. It really does smell like hand-washed silky underthings in a drawer lined with scented paper. TND dries down to a bright powdery floral with an almost edible sweet-tart aspect. I used to buy a body powder from Crabtree & Evelyn called Spring Rain. This reminds me of it, but better: Spring Rain v. 2.0.
By  on 12/13/2014
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