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this is the most disappointing sample in the hundreds of samples Ive gotten from Luckyscent. I cannot smell anything except Carmex lip balm, after you have had it on for a hour. it's so faint. This is expensive ($8) for a sample...that i can't even use as lip balm!
By   - govt pogue  from Washington DC on 9/2/2021
This is it. I adore this fragrance, and I've sampled so many of the vanilla/musk scents here. I've purchased four bottles so far, which leads me to my only complaint: these bottles don't last very long for me. I wish this was available in a larger size!
By   - Violinist from Amarillo on 2/8/2020
I LOVE this. Soft, ethereal, vanilla/amber musk. It's gorgeous.
By   - Exec Assistant from Seattle on 3/6/2019
Maybe I'm anosmic to this. I get no vanilla, no coziness, no creaminess. First five minutes, nothing. Then, I get overwhelming rush of musk. Jovan musk, from decades ago, that has been in the trunk of my car since then. On me, this is just awful. I amp musk, and I could not get this off my arm. It's not "like my skin, but better," unless it's "like my skin after two hours at the gym, wearing someone else's socks.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 1/20/2019
I have gotten sensitive to damn near everything. Grassy, marine, very floral, or smoky will break my head. This has left me with few options, unless I want to smell like a citrus fruit basket or a cookie. Not that either are bad, but aren't 'from within' as I like. Enter EF Aura! No, really. Enter this aura. The vanilla is not foody nor raw. Powdery but not detergent nor baby. Not ratty jeans casual, but comfy-but-flattering casual. Amber is unobtrusive; hangs out in the back somewhere. I am an introvert and so is Aura... maybe not noticed at first nanosecond glance, maybe not easy to get to know, but settles in nicely. Then you realize you're perfect together and think: "Ohhh, there you are! I've been looking for you."
By   - thinker and stinker from TN on 1/11/2019
When I discovered that Essential Faith had developed a new fragrance oil, I wasted no time putting it into my shopping cart and pulling the trigger. This does not disappoint in the least. If you are a fan of minimalist fragrances , here's another one to add to your arsenal. Over the past several years, I have become extremely sensitive to many fragrances, and despite the number of bottles I own, I am limited in those that I am actually able to wear. I am thrilled to add Aura to my list of go-to scents and will waste no time in ordering a back up bottle. If you love Essential Faith, this is clearly one to check out.
By   - teacher from Kingston on 1/4/2019
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