Essential Faith

Perfume Oil

by Essential Faith

Essential Faith Sizes Available:
5ml $65
0.5 ml
0.5 ml sample $8
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Here's what other people are saying about Essential Faith...
Anyone know / remember the scent of Jovan White Musk? This is it--a watered down, slightly more subtle Jovan White Musk. Except a ton more expensive. Wouldn't recommend.
By   - administrative assistant from Minneapolis, MN on 10/22/2019
I am not a big fan of wearing perfumes, so this is the only perfume that is manageable for my tastes without smelling too overpowering. I love that this oil-based scent adapts to each person's body temperature, and it definitely smells good on my skin. The best part of this perfume is that the scent gets stronger by the day as it becomes more infused with my skin. It's hard to describe this scent as it changes based on each person's body, but for me, it has a very light floral scent. Very subtle and unnoticeable from everyone else except for me. This small bottle will go a long way!
By   - Therapist from CA on 3/30/2018
I love this. It's soft and pretty and just melts right into my skin. This is a quiet, cool, clean, comforting scent. As mentioned in other reviews, it is hard to describe; when I say clean, I don't mean that it smells soapy or like laundry detergent. It does have a faint powdery sent and occasionally I think I catch a whiff of ozone. The best way I can think of to describe this is like sliding into fresh, clean sheets.
By   - Amateur Everything from Northwest Arkansas on 10/14/2017
This is Beautiful! Soft and lovely skin scent, difficult to describe but a soft clean yet earthy vibe, that sometimes disappears to my nose, and then reappear. I knew I had to have it the moment I tried my sample. LOVE!
By   - HR professional from Sweden on 7/3/2017
I've tried another oil very similar to this, mainly by description--minimal, melds with your own body chemistry, smells different on everyone etc. and upon first trying this, after trying the other aforementioned oil, I found them to be strikingly similar. However, this one is WAY nicer. This might be one of the most pleasant, enticing, enigmatic, and comforting smells i've ever worn. It is so subtle yet so interesting. One of those scents that you come across on another person and it haunts you for years. It's not a groundbreaking scent in terms of its complexity, but it is so delightfully simple and enthralling. It doesn't announce itself, but it softly whispers to you and people around you, which creates a much more playful interaction.
By   - Herbalist from Miami on 4/11/2017
Admittedly, I am someone on whom lots of perfumes just don't smell right. I will often smell something on someone else and love it, only to hate it on me. Body chemistry, I guess. But this one was just awful. It made me smell like a cheap bead store in the Haight circa 1982. Generic "Flower girl" scent with an overwhelming patchouli/powdery smell. It's supposed to smell different on everyone. On me it just smells bad.
By   - Media from NY on 1/26/2016
Essential goodness! I really like sheer, clean, soft, and warm and Essential Faith is all of that for me. It's uniquely different from the sorts of oils you'll find at Whole Foods (or whichever natural food store you default to), there is no single note that needs to be softened before it adjusts to the wearer - the description that Lucky Scent provides is accurate. However, since it basically melds with your natural scent it's probably best to give it a sample before you buy. That said, if you notice that you tend to do well with lighter frangrances (Anamor's All That Matters, for instance, or Demeter's Holy Water) this is a no-brainer. It's good for layering, it's good on its own, I like it.
By   - Bookseller from Pasadena, CA on 6/28/2014
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