Rosae Mundi

Eau de Parfum

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Oh, not for me. I wanted to like this, but it's probably the patchouli. Goes on with just a hint of soap; hours later, just a hint of dryer sheet. In the middle I got a madeleine-and-tea moment of being in my church parlor with all the cheap red velvet upholstery that sends up tiny puffs of incense dust when you sit. I'll give it to the guy to see if it works better on his skin.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/17/2020
The stability, longevity and natural quality I expect from this house. I am a big fan of rose fragrances of all types, but this is the first modern rose fragrance I have encountered that can easily be worn by more conventionally presenting men as it can be worn by women. In fact I think I like this fragrance better on the man closest to me than on me. It’s floral, and also warm, earthy and deep, fading to a light woody scent by the next day.
By   - Photographer from Chicago on 7/10/2018
This starts with fresh jam notes. The rose is a sensuous tea blended with spicy cedar and a touch of patchouli. It has the effect of a true chypre. This is unlike anything else available. It has an old-style dignity and presence. Practically edible, like so many of Profumum's best works. If you don't like this, good, that's more for me!
By   - Photographer from Omaha on 3/11/2014
I swear I smell some oud in here. I'm a big Profumum fan. This is quite nice & I get no dryer sheet smell at all. 1/26/14
By   - from Los Angeles on 1/26/2014
Hmmm... About 2 hours after applying, I'm left with the scent of unused dryer sheets on my skin...
By   - from Washington State on 8/8/2013
holy grail material here. imagine the truest goth rose, so rich and opulent. i get all of the notes listed but its SO well blended that none stand out. not since the diff co rose poivre have i been so moved by a rose.
By  on 4/15/2013
A very chic grandmother. Love it!
By   - paratrooper from Los Angeles on 1/11/2013
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