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Close your eyes, take a deep breath and you are transported to an old library filled with all the classics from bygone eras-the scent is exactly that of paper and well used books. Odd description I know, but believe me, it will not disappoint.
By   - Veterinarian from Ft. Lauderdale on 6/5/2020
I've found Byredo to be hit or miss for me. Fortunately, Bibliotheque is surprisingly good. Starts out sweet and vanilla with a touch of fruity florals, but if you can hold out for the dry down it's a light leather with a bit of patchouli. Something like violet lingers. The smell reminds me of new suede. Nothing groundbreaking here, but a nice fall scent with good longevity.
By   - Social worker from New England on 11/25/2019
Though this is lovely, I actually only spray it on my books and journals. All from Byredo go sweet and artificial on me and are better left for ambience rather than wearing, but as a writer who loves perfume, this is perfect on paper and leather. I get fig, leather, and some wood that I know is patchouli, but doesn't smell like it to me. This is an easy and quietly invigorating fragrance; it always makes me close my eyes and smile.
By   - Artist from NYC on 10/22/2019
I misspoke in my last review, I confused DS & Durga's Rose Atlantic with a Byredo creation (similar bottles). In fact, this is the first and so far only Byredo perfume that I actually enjoy.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 5/4/2019
This is smell you'd create if you'd just spilled a very fancy, fruity cocktail on a leather bound book...times 100. This is my absolute favourite Byredo scent, Rose Atlantic is a close second.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 5/4/2019
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