Masque Milano


Eau de Parfum

35ml $158
0.7ml sample $6
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Aaaaaaaaah. I have 3 fragrances from Masque Milano which I love, but MANDALA is my favourite! A very unique incense infused smell, that is at the same time fresh and long lasting. Topmost quality "Eau de Parfum". Very hard to describe....intoxicating! I am waiting for the company to release the 100 ml size, which they have told me will be re- released soon. A fragrance I would not live without. Good for all season. I save it for special occasion. Precious juice.
By   - Artist from Vancouver on 7/16/2019
Ahh...its okay. I prefer to give a down to earth review. It didn't ring my bell, sorry. I have sampled MANY fine frags,and this one is not unique, it IS strong though. It is also imo more on the Manly side of the scale.... and...The Large rubber cap on this nice bottle is weird? or some may say its..creative, Sample first!
By   - collector of fine/unique scents from Midwest on 9/21/2017
Another wonderful fragrance from the house of Masque that probably smells better on the right person. That person is not ME! Mandala is Spiced Chai spiked with hot cinnamon and incense with a cool finish. What rubs me the wrong way about this fragrance is the antiseptic cleaner / medical facility smell caused by an abundance of cloves that takes over as the day goes on. Been there, done that, not having it again because I'm not into hospitals. A definite pass for yours truly. *5 Stars nonetheless*
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 9/17/2017
Another excellent fragrance from Masque Milano! Just when I thought I was drinking warm Spiced Chai, I get an extra shot of hot cinnamon, along with something luminous and cool in the background. Mandala is simultaneously playing with different temperatures, if that makes sense. I feel like the whole scent rises up, not only because of the incense component, and I'm not talking about sillage either, which Mandala is not without. Fantastic! *5 Stars*
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 9/17/2017
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