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Eau de Parfum

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Wonderfully long lasting and masculine. The vetiver notes in this one are some of the best I've encountered and remain fresh and clean smelling rather than turning funky as the day goes on. If you dig vetiver, give this one a try.
By   - Technician from Milwaukee on 2/22/2020
Very nice. Unique, Dry, Woody, Smoky. The rhubarb and ginger give the top notes a little zing and then it fades into something softer and more complex. Leans a little more on the masculine side of unisex IMO.
By   - Bartender from Des Moines on 2/7/2019
Absolutely stunning. A vetiver unlike anything I've smelled before. Dry, smoky, complex. Delicious rhubarb and ginger are energetically at play in the top and mid. An instant fave!
By   - Psychiatrist  from San Francisco on 8/28/2018
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