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Lost Alice

Eau de Parfum

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This could be undercover x comme des garcons holy grace sister, it has the broom, gentle, innocent smell. Its not to strong just like the other fragrance mentioned and not revealing unless you spray a lot of it & it does sneak up on you at times. It smells exactly the same as holy grace with a slight difference I honestly cant really tell but it is stronger/spicier/wild. Its as if this Lost Alice is on the "wild side" and holy grace is the "innocent one." Purchased a full bottle and may purchase another in the future considering I love Holy Grace also, this one may be better in my opinion.
By   - Audio from NC on 8/9/2021
I loveeee this. And I am very picky with smells. I hate bath and body sprays and things from victorias secret, they are too sweet. I like a bit sweet, citrusy, and love a hint of earthy. My favorite oils are Bergamot, sandwood oil, patchouli, and cedar so I thought it would be a go. The name matches it. I can imagine Alice would have a sweet innocent smell. Not overwhelming at all. My only down side the the strength. I put it on after I showered last night and I could not smell it when I woke up. Not as lasting as I would like, I will probably try to find a more lasting version of this if possible. I am definitely buying a bottle of this.
By   - Material Handler from Lewisville on 6/10/2021
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