Masque Milano


Eau de Parfum

Romanza Sizes Available:
35ml $158 $115
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Romanza...
The quality of ingredients is great. However, didn’t work with my chemistry - smells old lady on me. I’m 36 and this juice more suitable for women in their mid to late forties and up.
By   - HR from Calgary on 11/27/2019
This is art from a source of pure brilliance. A divine expression of an abstraction that outshines that which it attempts to emulate. The best fragrances inspire a wide range of emotions. And even if you've not set foot there, it places you squarely. This is therapy. A therapeutic Starship. Take this and be taken away.
By   - Bird from Beachlandia on 10/24/2018
This is my second sampling of Masque Milano after being stunned by glamorous L'Attesa and giving it a 5 Star rich, thick, and buttery I could slather it all over my breakfast toast!!!!!!!! :P I expected the same caliber from this offering. On me, Romanza wears like a nightmare and sadly falls under the category of Juice I Can't Be Bothered With. It's about time I washed my arms of this one. This Green Fairy is of the tea-drinking variety, dug up from last night's garbage. I'll say no more. *ZERO STARS*
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 8/7/2016
Somewhere in Eastern Europe, a plump lady in a black dress stands near a sunny doorway, a filter-less cigarette dangling from her lips as she waters her flower pots. Romanza is her perfume.
By   - Peanutgallerist from Durham on 7/1/2016
Beyond words.
By   - Technician from New Orleans on 5/31/2016
A little weird and very wonderful. The orange blossom and narcissus are fleshy in the best possible way; the angelica and vetiver add a welcome earthiness; the violet leaf is refreshing brightness. And as always with a fragrance this good, the whole better than the sum of its parts. Really lovely.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/24/2016
Wowza. I'm not as fluent as y'all on the notes, so I apologize for my deficiencies in advance. I love a retro floral with heft, and I'm immediately enamored with this. It's va-va-voom and something something jasmine?
By   - Attorney from Atlanta on 5/9/2016
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