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Minuit et Demi

Eau de Parfum

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I stumbled into Minuit et Demi while I was looking for something else at Scent Bar in NY. It is truly a beautiful scent, a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, very elegant and very well blended. It doesn't project too much and it sits close to the skin but that doesn't bother me. Overall Minuit et Demi is a lovely scent.
By   - Web-Designer from New York on 9/29/2021
Lovely. Reminds me of Killian Intoxicated with the peppery-cardamon opening, but instead of going to a super-strong coffee note. It moves to more of a light, coffee-ish-spicy vanilla. The vetiver and cedarwood are undetectable individually, but I think they create a kind of "lift" or space that makes the whole thing really kind of open up, so that it smells light and beautiful despite all the powerful notes. Very nicely done!!
By   - Writer from Saratoga Springs NY on 7/10/2021
This scent is clearly a love affair that Demi has for gourmand scents based off of her own reviews. Her inspirations and passions double downs and wins with Minuit et Demi. While it is a gourmand, it doesn't come off overly powerful or too sweet, but hits the right notes of vanilla, incense, caramel, coffee, rum, and spice. Very unisex, very fall/cooler weather, and very sensual. I was hesitant at first, but glad I decided to give it a shot. I would say the only issue I have found is that it doesn't last as long as you would expect, being the resinous / vanilla base it has. Not really a huge complaint as you do get a solid 6-8 hours which I am fine with. Others may expect 12-14+hours and not sure it will hold that pace.
By   - Office from Sacramento, CA on 6/12/2021
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