TOM FORD Private Blend

Tobacco Vanille

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Tobacco Vanille...
I absolutely love this fragrance by Tom Ford! Upon the first spray, it is literally autumn in a bottle. The spice, vanilla, and warmth that qualify this as a gourmand are impeccable. I highly recommend this fragrance!
By   - Clergy/ Counselor from CHICAGO on 5/14/2021
I absolutely LOVE Tom Ford's, "Tobacco Vanille". From the first dispense of the fragrance its warm, tobacco(y), nutmeg(y) notes drew me into a gourmand world that leaves me smelling tasty and feeling like a hug. I totally recommend this fragrance for both sexes.
By   - Clergy/ Counselor from Chicago on 4/27/2021
Heard this was a dupe for ‘Febreze air wood’! 10/10 spot on dupe!
By   - Yes from Houston on 1/2/2021
This perfime so nice
By   - entrepreneur from Tasikmalaya on 11/10/2020
I have to stop wearing it at work, my female coworkers are not social distancing!
By   - Mental Health Professional from Hampton, VA on 10/14/2020
You've stopped at a gas station in rural America and you've purchased a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. You get in your car, you open them up, and you bury your nose into the pack before taking any out. You then unseal a vanilla Little Trees air freshener, and you hang it from your rear-view mirror before driving on. Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 3/17/2018
If you can't stand the price for this, go for the body spray. It is out of this world!
By   - writer from Chicago on 4/26/2017
I like this perfume so much. It is a VERY strong deep scent so you need to be prepared for that. It is a musky smell with just the right amount of tobacco.
By   - Student from Denver on 2/14/2017
I Love this guy! I'll only wear this to church and other nice formal occasions/events. With this price tag, I'm gonna need it to last! It smells like a sweet cherry pipe tobacco mix, with a hint of vanilla in the dry down. Definitely wear the sample out before deciding to pay that kind of money, but I'm pleased with the investment.
By   - Recreation  from Cincinnati on 9/7/2016
Got to try a sample of this perfume and I felt it was really really good. So went ahead and ordered a FB. Was disappointed because of the harsh tobacco note that supersedes the Vanille by far. I don't get Vanille at all. All in all this is one of those Love it or Hate it perfume.
By   - IT from Camp Hill on 7/23/2016
One of the best male Eau de Parfum ever, unbelievable sillage. Rich tobacco, vanilla and cocoa deeply rich complex sent, lasts all day. I get multiple positive comments when I where this scent. Have worn this scent over 10 years.
By   - Physician from Santa Barbara on 7/8/2016
Rich, honey-vanilla tobacco scent. Absolutely divine. A little masculine for me however, so I'll pass my decant onto my husband. Thanks so much Lucky Scent for allowing me to sample this.
By   - Stylist from Canada on 10/28/2015
Deliciously evocative of sweetened pipe tobaccos such as Clan, this is Tom Ford at his best. The only slight fault is one shared with many vanilla perfumes, in that the synthetic vanillin comes through in the final dryout, giving a less pleasant odour of stale ice cream wafers. Unfortunately the final dryout lasts a very long time, otherwise I would buy it, despite the price.
By   - Retired doctor from UK on 8/16/2014
When I had my hands on a sample of this "babe", I was expecting something really good. But honestly, to me, it smells like well made freshly squeezed dark type honey with bee wax. I didn't find any complexity in this blend at all. If you like "Pure Malt", you gonna love this one. I don't. Not really.
By   - from New York on 3/15/2014
Wonderful tobacco and vanilla scent. However, I feel that the price is a little steep for just a small amount and that there are other tobacco fragrances of better value than this.
By   - from Texas on 11/8/2013
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