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I wanted love this. It is a more refined incense from the bigger gothic Avignon. But unfortunately about 15 minutes in I began to get a headache, and 30 min irritation in my nose. I had to scrub it off after an hour.
By   - Truffle Hunter from California on 1/6/2019
On me, not so much the chapel incense as the stuff the guys on St. Mark’s Place used to sell in little resiny baggies next to foil-wrapped tubes of charcoal briquettes -- the street incense experience, if you will. In my 20’s, I would light a few pebbles of that incense and comb out my hair near the brazier post-shampoo, to get that smoky scent in there. Whether that story makes you smile or twitch tells you how you’ll feel about this offering.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/27/2018
Very nice and interesting. Will definitely keep this on hand.
By   - Firefighter from Seattle on 3/8/2018
Cardinal is the immature, younger cousin of LAVS, with its own lemonade stand set up outside the church. Rather than spend my precious money on something mediocre in comparison that doesn''t quite take me where I want to go, I''d very much so rather shell out more cashola, in order to spray myself liberally with my favorite UNUM instead, in both the extrait de parfum and now in the new Nuage Maison. *4 Stars* and no more.
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 9/26/2017
Was interested to read so many comments that says this smells just like Avignon. I agree with one of the comments below - this is Avignon''s warmer and less stuff cousin. I adore incense fragrances and this is one of my favorites because of its wearability. I have gone through half of my FB and would not ever want to be without this as a staple in my collection.
By   - Attorney from New York on 4/11/2017
Oh god! I''m a (very) lapsed catholic.... the very first and extremely overwhelming sense was that I was back in a church in a benediction *shudder* You know the smell of the smoking ball thingy the priest waves around? Cardinal is exactly THAT. I dabbed the tiniest bit of a sample on my wrist and thought ''oh dear - perhaps when it dries". 15 minutes later I was still dabbing a wet tissue and scrubbing the hell out of my wrist. I actually believe I can still faintly smell it 2 days later, after 3 showers. If you want long lasting then you''ve got it, baby!!
By   - sales representative from Alexandra NZ on 6/30/2016
First sampled Cardinal last fall, and fell in love instantly!!! Cardinal takes a bit of time to develop on the skin into the golden cloud that grounds, surrounds, and lifts you to a place where you remember that we are more than just these bodies that house us... A very spiritual scent, with moderate sillage and excellent longevity. Makes it hard to reach for anything else... Simply beautiful!!!
By   - RN from Smellington on 3/19/2016
I like it, but it barely lasts on my skin. I''ll stick to Avignon. It''s $100 cheaper and lasts on me.
By   - from Los Angeles on 12/30/2012
When I first tried Cardinal a few years back I thought it was too much like Avignon. I have since decided this is Avignon''s warmer and less stuffy cousin. This fragrance has a warmth and radiance that is difficult to describe. I love it on my husband and sometimes spritz some on myself when he''s not looking.
By   - vintage clothing dealer from Redwood City on 12/27/2012
A green incence scent, that turns into a delightfully soft, light musky floral. I can''t understand how anybody can not like this. The smell is pure genious and my newest favourite for autumn. Other favourites in the past include Feminité du bois, 10 Corso Como, Wonderwood, and likes of these. I have fond memories of going to catholic school for 9 years and frequent visits to the schools chapel and nearby church. So this scent brings layers and layers of memories for me. It is a finer scent than Avignon, which I also like very much, but Avignon can be overwhelmingly incensy on me, being a blonde with whispy hair, and also in my work with people as a therapist. Cardinal is easier to wear and suits me personally much better as a perfume to wear at work and everywhere, but I indulge in Avignon at home for the intense pureness of it.
By  on 9/17/2012
Addicted to this, to the extent that I don''t care whether other people like it or hate it (but many positive comments). It is more refined than GdG Avignon, but very like Micallef Shanaan. It may take a little getting used to, as it does start off in a manner likely to give flashbacks to former altar boys. The drydown on fabric or tissues is gorgeous. I wish I could smell it on myself for longer.
By   - from Canberra on 8/26/2012
It''s funny how a name can carry so much meaning. Cardinale smells to me like a stuffy old choir practice room filled with musty uniforms. Doesn''t take long before I become a little queasy. Your mileage may vary.
By   - from Los Angeles on 12/27/2011
On my skin, Cardinal smells exactly like D&G The One Gentleman. Save yourself $75 and just by D&G.
By   - from The Brew on 9/12/2011
I truly love this scent, I pair it with MDCI Invasion Barbare and almost everyone I pass turns and asks what I''m wearing. I even had a small child tell her Mom I smelled better than the church on Sunday. They are the only fragrances I wear now- INCREDIBLE
By   - Forensic Accountant from Los Angeles on 7/3/2011
This smells EXACTLY like Avignon
By  on 12/29/2010
It''s lighter and fresher than I thought it would be. It''s not particularly complex, but it''s very nice. It smells a lot like eucalyptus out in the woods after a fresh rain.
By  on 1/8/2009
It smells just like the fresh interior of a Catholic church. It''s clean without being astringent and smooth without being syrupy. The ultimate effect is the nostalgic fragrance of a traditional church without the stale or heavy quality of actually being in one. I think it would make a great cold-weather, outdoorsy, or formal occasion men''s fragrance.
By  on 1/8/2009
It smells just like the fresh interior of a Catholic church. It''s clean without being astringent and smooth without being syrupy. The ultimate effect is the nostalgic fragrance of a traditional church without the stale or heavy quality of actually being in one. I think it would make a great gold-weather, outdoorsy, or formal occasion men''s fragrance.
By  on 1/8/2009
When I wear this people either love it or hate it, no middle ground whatsoever. Men tend to react more possitively to it than women. Very much a Gothic incense scent. I do have to be in a certain mood to wear it though.
By   - Faux Artist from Knoxville on 12/3/2008
This may end up being one of my all time favorites. It has that odd combination of innocence and decadance, all in one fragrance. I like that, because that is how most of us are -- we all want to be good, most of the time! But, how many of us succeed?! The duality of life, portrayed in a fragrance -- it doesn''t get much better than that!
By   - Teacher from Southern Massachusetts on 11/7/2008
Smells like cheap,strong mens aftershave. also smells just like Avignon.
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 9/7/2008
Enchanting scent, I layer it with Fleur d''Oranger (L''Artisan). It''s a powerful duo.Avignon is great but too smokey for me. Cardinal is refined and smooth. Like good malt whiskey.
By  on 6/25/2008
I find this very sexy! I find it neither masculine nor feminine. It''s more of a what IS that smell? sort of perfume - a terrific blend of innocence and desireIt makes me think of trying very hard to be pious but not succeeding -- like Loretta''s confession in Moonstruck: Twice I took the name of the Lord in vain, once I slept with the brother of my fiancee, and once I bounced a check at the liquor store, but that was really an accident. Priest: Then it''s not a sin. But... what was that second thing you said, Loretta? Or Charlotte Flax in Mermaids: "Please God don''t let me fall in love and want to do disgusting things." or on seeing a nun: "I wanted to ask her what color her bra was and if she had pure thoughts every second of the day"
By   - from NJ on 6/16/2008
When I first ordered this, I found the scent too masculine to wear. Several months later, I have returned to this scent, and while it still probably leans more to the masculine, I adore this scent, and am wearing it with more ease. I agree with the poster who said this scent was very Catholic, and very priest. This gorgeous fragrance conjures up images of the Vatican, and is an intriguing blend of the sacred and the seductive. I never want to be without it!
By   - instructor from Texas on 6/12/2008
VERY dark,scent. Much too intense for most noses.It does last all day.
By   - perfumista from midwest on 3/14/2008
This smells exactly like Gucci pour Homme.
By  on 12/3/2007
Smells like a lighter sister scent to CdG Avignon. I think this one will be more wearable since it''s not so heavy, I''ll reserve Avignon for those cold winter nights.
By   - from San Diego on 8/27/2007
I will buy a hundred bottles of this oil! It is totally awesome and gives me super powers.
By   - technician from Philadelphia on 7/5/2007
Definitely agree with the other comments it does have a soapy, cleaning-product note. I am a fan of the CDG Incense line and will stick with those .....Nothing Can come close to scents like Avignon!
By   - from Palm Harbor on 6/14/2007
I really wanted to like this one--I''m a big fan of the Commes des Garcons Incense line. I have to agree with some of the other posters--it does have a soapy, cleaning-product top note that is very difficult to get past. I''mm stick to Avignon, Kyoto and even the moody, difficult Messe de Minuit.
By   - artist from san francisco on 2/27/2007
Cardinal is a nice, simple, incense scent. The essential incense note here is similar to the incense note in Etro Messe de Minuit but accompanying it there are no damp and moldy notes this is lightly smoky, warm and comforting. I''m quite a fan of this line. The scents are clean, modern with an uncomplicated straightforward approach. They all have a simple understated elegance about them that makes them so wearable.
By   - from Southern California on 1/24/2007
I agree about the cleaning product, I''m afraid. Cardinal has, in the opening, a very cleansoapymetallicchilly note, something I associate with certain florals like iris and violet, only there are none listed. After a while on the skin it gets warmer and softer, more like the incense of Avignon and Messe de Minuit, and after several hours (it''s very longlasting!) it turns surprisingly sweet, the sweetness of Montale''s Wood & spices.
By  on 1/22/2007
Smells like a cleaning product on me. Bon Ami to be exact. And I really wanted to like this one.
By   - from tucson on 1/7/2007
Truly a churchy incense scent. Might be a bit too masculine for some women but a great unisex fragrance. More frankincense than Avignon - lighter
By   - Acquisition from Corona on 12/12/2006
Cardinal is a fantastic fragrance! While Avignon is darker and stronger, this is a tad lighter, as if sunlight were streaming through cathedral stained glass windows, and the smoke were lifting higher into the light. While it is close to liturgy in a bottle, as someone else said about Avignon, it also has lighter elements, light citrus notes and maybe a hint of leather (hymnal bindings?). Probably the greatest CatholicAnglican incense fragrance to date. John Henry Cardinal Newman would be proud.
By   - Atty. from NYC on 12/6/2006
very catholic... very priest.. Very church...very different
By   - agent from st pete on 12/2/2006
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