Majda Bekkali

J'ai Fait Un Reve - Obscur

Eau de Parfum

50ml $125
0.7ml sample $4
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A very nice fragrance but to my nose is very light and fleeting. Starts with a promising spicy crispy aura and then morphs into a vanilla and oud skin scent after a few minutes. Imagine a light version of Halston Z14 (now I’m showing my age...!) and you have it. A safe office fragrance. If it had a wee bit more longevity it would be perfect.
By   - Medicine  from Dalton on 7/21/2019
Spicy open of vanilla, pink pepper, and bergamot. Cashmere wood at the base with a light medicinal oud. The spicy/flowery open fades after an hour or so to a sweet wood/oud that lasts 6+ hours on my skin. More masculine than Fusion Sacree. Seems to stay fairly close to the body so likely office appropriate. Absolutely love this! My second order from Lucky Scent and I'm very pleased with their fast shipping an top notch customer service.
By   - Financial Executive from Salt Lake on 9/10/2015
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