Majda Bekkali

Mon Nom Est Rouge

Eau de Parfum

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Incredible masculine scent
By   - Chief role from MN on 5/20/2019
This is becoming my new signature scent! Every time I wear it I love it more! It is so perfect. An excuisite incense with rose, citrus and a little spice. Richness and depth. This blows Calling All Angels out of the water! Sillage is great and longevity is excellent. My skin tends to devour scents but I can smell this one all day. This one is deserving of much praise! Love it!!!
By  on 5/23/2015
Seriously, nothing special. Sillage nominal, projection weak, longevity: minimal, disappears quite readily into a vague skin scent that smells like old perfume after a short duration. I had hoped that this would live up to the hype. I was very disappointed. Not fb worthy for me..
By   - from Earth on 11/13/2013
i really wasnt expecting much. boi, was i surprised! i LOVE the bottle. smells like a richer avignon incense rose. i never got around to buying avignon but have always loved it, i would buy this instead. excellent! its got that church vibe but with rose!
By  on 4/15/2013
Hi guys not much of a scentologist as some but this stuff is magic very versatile a must try, it is FB worthy!!!
By   - from New South Wales on 2/22/2013
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