Clive Christian

Crab Apple Blossom

Eau de Parfum

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Smells like rock rose, a little fruitier. BUT IT LASTS LIKE 30 MINUTES. If you like the smell but rock rose, which is an extrait and lasts forever
By   - Counselor from Winter Garden on 5/29/2021
BUY IT ... that's all that needs to be said.
By   - medicine from Wash DC on 4/11/2021
What an incredible exploration for the Clive Christian brand. It’s opening is incredibly fresh and playful with a mix of citrus and freshly chopped unripened apple but in a very good way; bergamot is there to say hello as well. It’s top notes are striking yet soft. Just a few minutes later and you’re transported to something much more refined as it dries down to the sea salt, and driftwood. I liken the driftwood to that of an oak stave soaked in a decadent rum that made its journey through the Caribbean ocean. This scent is unique, beautiful, playful, refined, soft yet masculine to me. Perfect summer fragrance!
By   - Photographer  from San Antonio on 4/10/2021
Loved the initial freshness, but as it settled on my skin, it became nauseatingly cloying. Had to scrub it off and haven't touched the sample since.
By   - Volunteer Coordinator from Iowa on 2/12/2021
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