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Dolce Amalfi

Eau de Parfum

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Smells clearly synthetic, do not expect anything natural smelling. Sort of a burnt sugar with spices, the cardamom being strong along with clove. Much spicier then expected. The citrus is overpowered by vanilla and artificial sugar that smells almost bubble gum like, with overpowering nose tingling spices. This is one of those scents that probably smells better from a distance than up close. Probably just not my kind of scent because out of 1-10 I would give it a 5 tops.
By   - None  from USA on 4/20/2019
Dolce Amalfi is a summer holiday in a bottle. It opens with mouth-watering notes of apple, citrus, and sun-kissed saffron as you stroll along the Mediterranean coast, then moves into a cone of lemon-vanilla ice cream. As the day warms, the spices come out to play, frolicking in ancient incense groves, before settling into a delicious dessert shared with a lover. The drydown relaxes into an amber-vanilla honeymoon. Similar to Lira, only with Amalfi lemons, sunshine, and more sophisticated osmic landscapes, Dolce Amalfi is the perfect summer perfume.
By   - Writer from High Point, NC on 3/4/2019
Yum! a beautiful scent that I love to wear.
By   - business manager from Saint Paul on 9/8/2018
First scent I've tried by Xerjoff and what a winner! A lovely note of burnt sugar and citrus is what I get at first, followed by a nice quiet flow of spice and fruit. Very soft in nature, I think this would be even better on a man than a woman-- just a perfect summer scent. Likely worth a full bottle even at the high price. Superb!
By   - retired from mount aukum on 2/8/2018
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