Terra Mia

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Terra Mia...
Wildly underwhelmed. While this is a beautifully inspired fragrance, for me simply sweet not rising to the level of complexity promised. It's a nice scent and for others a wonderful purchase. I appreciate the light bouquet but it did not last long enough (not even 3 hours) to warrant anything higher than an average rating. Sadly, I am not in agreement with my fragrant friends.
By   - Analyst from Chantilly on 8/20/2021
What a great scent! Reminds me of grabbing coffee and brunch with friends on a beautiful sunny day. I get coffee, hazelnut, and vanilla from this scent and maybe a tad bit of chocolate. I'm not the biggest fan of gourmandes but this one turned me. Simple and comforting, this is a real feel-good perfume.
By   - N/A from Portland, OR on 1/6/2020
I admire this scent a lot. It is well made and interesting. But there is hazelnut, and because of that I just can't go forward. I knew it bothered me when smelling coffee but I didn't know hazelnut was such a deal killer in a perfume with so many other nice notes. It is, still, a really classy mix of sweet and spice.
By   - writer from Chicag on 11/27/2019
Good Lord this smells heavenly! I love the interplay between the rich coffee and heady neroli here, I don't think I've ever smelled anything quite like this, and yet it has a comforting sort of familiarity. The warm, spicy vanilla base mixing with the neroli does remind a bit of Neroli Blanc Intense, which is gorgeous, but the coffee is what is keeping my nose (and my heart) riveted! It is so beautiful!
By   - N/A from Atlanta on 6/6/2018
Ordered a sample of Terra Mia. Strong coffee smell at first then warms up to a unique spice-floral with lingering hint of sweet coffee. I wear my samples to work and get other opinions. Every one liked this. I will get a full bottle!
By   - warehouse from South Bend on 5/22/2018
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