Piotr Czarnecki

Venom of Angel

Eau de Parfum

Venom of Angel Sizes Available:
100ml $175
0.7ml sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about Venom of Angel...
I actually purchased a sample of this with a lot of other ones and it sat in the Luckyscent box for a long time after I took an initial whiff. I dont think I really liked it at first. It is on my dresser, now second time wearing the sample, and I think it is beautiful!! I love the name of this too. It is a very sweet scent (hence its called Angel) but has alittle "venom" in there too! :)
By   - Finance from NY on 1/16/2020
This is one of the Most Remarkable and Beautiful Fragrances that I have ever experienced. This perfect balance of density and playfulness is masterfully done. The feeling of this fragrance is regal,seductive and alluring. A bewitching fragrance, much like a person who holds their cards close and has many cards to play. You might want to dislike or disregard it at first, but it will have you in the end. This is truly the venom of an angel. 7 to 9 hours longevity, soft projection overall and good sillage. Perfect for being seductive and close to others. For me as a upcoming Niche Head, this one of the most remarkable scents ever created !
By   - Fragrance Reviewer and Writer from hattiesburg on 8/20/2019
I am a great fan of Masculine Scents , but recently was looking for something sweet and comforting to welcome me home, i came across Venom of Angel by just pure sight and read some of the reviews on LuckyScents, I decided to try it out right off the bat, let me start with how it fulfilled all my expectations of a comforting sweet and warm scent " i go home to something that embraces me in a cocoon of sweet loving arms, the scent is quite marvelous and superb, it brings me to a place of happiness.
By   - Records and Office Manager from San Francisco on 3/5/2019
After countless testers I decided Venom of Angel was for me. It is pure delight! From first spray to last whiff, the scentual journey is warm and comforting yet adventurous...like knitting and draped in your softest blanket while sky diving! It cocoons me in a blanket of happiness. Even after several hours of wearing it and I think it’s no longer noticeable, I’ll catch another glimpse. I don’t get a lot of compliments on this after the first couple of hours but I still get to enjoy and that’s what matters to me.
By   - Knitter, piano teacher, writer, political activist from Austin on 2/3/2019
Amazing. Warm, sweet and sensual. A feminine unisex with loads of compliments!
By   - Events from All over on 8/17/2018
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