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This is a very beautiful fragrance and another wonderful creation by Celine Ellena. Both her and her father, Jean-Claude Ellena, are my favorite perfumers. I would classify this one as unisex, but on the initial opening I definitely pick up on the floral notes. It's smells very aquatic , leathery, and slightly fruity on the dry down, but not overly sweet at all. It reminds me of an early springtime morning in the woods, like if you could capture the fragrance of what the woods smelled like to Hansel and Gretel, I believe this is it. I look forward to adding this one to my collection.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 7/15/2020
This scent makes me feel confident and powerful - delicious without being super sweet/feminine, I particularly like to wear this work. Some ladies have a power suit, I have a power scent - and this is it! PLUS the bottle is amazing and comes with a custom funnel so I can make my own travel sized version for on the go.
By   - Finance  from NYC on 4/4/2018
A perfumer once told me that chypres are the sexiest fragrances among all the olfactive families, and it's true. It's all about the dry down, and Balkiss's is really sublime - a deep, seductive skin scent that you just want to nuzzle into, kiss and ... you get the idea. It falls squarely in the middle of the feminine-masculine spectrum ... I imagine it would also smell incredible on a man. Reminds me of Tan Rokka's Kisu without the harsh, bug-spray opening, or Bruno Acampora's marvelous Musc. Must be the patchouli and musk in the base. Both are expensive, but totally worth it.
By   - Lifestyle editor from Manila on 12/17/2014
Awesome. I could see it a man but make no mistake....women think it's beautiful too. It smells expensive and well done. It has a sharp biting kick while still managing to be smoothe. If you like chypres it's a must try.
By  on 9/16/2011
i got a sample cos the notes sounded like somethin id like . i prefer slightly sweeter , spicier scents than aquatic , cool , citrus . this smells sweet but not in a super sugary way , it reminds me of sweetened peach iced tea . a kinda sharp , flowery sweetness . it lacks depth tho . drydown was too similar to initial app . one more thing : this smells verrrrrrrrry similar to 'miss dior cherie' albeit not synthetic like cherie . im certain if u smelled balkiss and then dior cherie youd see a huge resemblance .
By   - matter eater lad from chicago on 3/12/2011
This opened with tart berries, and soon softened, and out came the patch but in a very subtle way, and it is floating along with citrus. This seems to be well blended but its really quite boring to me, even though it does have that luminous, airy quality to it, also its very unisex, I dont find it very sexy on me, maybe on my hubby i might appreciate it more.
By   - admin from Melb on 11/5/2009
works better on a mam
By   - from dubai on 8/30/2009
I thoroughly loved this scent from application to the morning after! However; my significant other/boyfriend (who is normally indifferent to a majority of scents) demanded to know what this fragrance was when he smelled it on me. When I explained to him that it was intended to be unisex , he appropriated it for himself and told me that I should wear the Rose Poivree!
By   - from Austin on 7/16/2009
This was a recent gift from my beloved, a scent for the summer, he said. It is truly extraordinary. Initially I was seduced by the cassis aspect, as cassis has the power to transport me to a very specific memory point. BUT, the drydown is the true art here. It is exquisite and complex, and while floral, certainly does NOT smell of flowers. This was another scent that attracted the attention of my co-workers, and in a good way. Highly recommended.
By   - attorney from Los Angeles on 5/20/2009
refreshing and stunning. I may buy this one if I can get over the sticker shock.
By  on 5/9/2009
GORGEOUS!!! The opening sparkles with bergamot, then morphs into a yummy berry-floral-earthy blend that is flat-out delicious. I can't stop sniffing myself! Must. Purchase. Now.
By   - Resident Wino & Scent Slut from USA on 4/25/2009
TDC is not one of my favorite perfume line, BUT this one is beautiful, reminds me of Lady Shiloh by Hors la Monde. The drydown on the Sublime Balkiss is nicer though.......gorgeous fragrance, will be a staple in my extensive fragrance wardrobe
By  on 3/31/2009
This smells amazing. I love and have most of The Different Co. fragrances. This one is wonderful. It smells lovely. It's like a mix of Sel de Vetvier and Bergamote. Very refreshing. Saving for a bottle.
By   - from Long Island, NY on 3/25/2009
A sparkling chypre, i keep smelling my wrists.......wonderfully done
By  on 3/22/2009
Love this. My first Chypre perfume and I think it's a perfect spring scent
By   - from Boston on 3/21/2009
Celine Ellena has now come into her own. Dad should be proud.
By   - fragrance writer from NYC on 3/14/2009
Love it. Mix of berry, patchouli and sparkle.
By   - Online from Los Angeles on 3/13/2009
This is absolutely my favorite scent from The Different Company. At first you get the berries, then the florals and eventually it ends up smelling something like the desert. It's amazing--and for those of you worried about the patchouli/cocoa notes, it is very subtle and not obvious in any way, at least on me. If anything it just adds a very warm, comforting aspect to the scent. Additionally it has longer lasting power on me than most of the other TDC perfumes (except Rose Poivree which is stronger) Love it!!!!!!!
By  on 3/11/2009
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