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Eau de Parfum

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I LOVE this & got a FB! Lovely, sweet & gentle tobacco leaves opening, but this stage lasts only 30+ mins on me. What remains though is a gorgeous just-showered freshness. Relaxing yet exhilarating somehow. This reminds me of the scent of the men in our family (my dad/uncles/granddad) in my youth in the 60s-70s. I imagine a stylish, elegant & well-groomed man. It’s EdC & I live in a tropical country yet I get 5+ hours, while fragrantica reviewers say this doesn't last long at all on them. Could it be it performs better in warmer weather, which is maybe similar to the climes of Valladolid where it originates? I asked my 23y/o son's opinion on Tabaco & he said, "it smells like Papa!" (my kids call my dad Papa) That's a stamp of approval, btw
By   - stay-at-home mom from Quezon City, Philippines on 10/26/2018
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