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I get so many compliments on this perfume. The light vanilla notes aren't overpowering and the overall scent is just sweet enough that you leave a lovely impression in any room. A great daily scent or perfect for date night out is a love fragrance after all! Highly recommend.
By   - Executive Director from Beverly Hills on 10/7/2019
a few world class singers came wearing it in the studio , and it was Sexy clean so i had to see what it would be like on my girl, every note is a hit!!
By   - music producer from los angeles on 10/7/2019
Nope. Smells EXACTLY, spot-on, of Casmir by Chopard. Coconut/amber/vanilla-musk BLAH. Seriously, no more exciting than Coty's Vanilla Musk or Vanilla Fields. If you're going to name something The Juice of Love, it had better be something far more evocative than this utterly boring creation.
By  on 9/12/2014
UPDATE on my 08/22/14 review - I did get the perfume oil and it is sheer heaven. Not only are all the accords deeper than the perfume it lasts and lasts which was an issue I had with the perfume. It is such a beautiful scent and sexy scent.
By   - Dir HUman Resources from New York city on 8/29/2014
Lovely...I have to say it again...Lovely. On me this fragrance is a soft vanilla with floral wafting through. I also get the coco palm. The description on Lucky Scent is so accurate. A warm hug should be added. One drawback on me is that I purchased the perfume which does not seem to last. I am going to purchase the oil to layer with the perfume. Just writing about it I have to go apply a little right now! Oh, the bottle is also soooo pretty.
By   - from new york city on 8/22/2014
Mmm, a very interesting scent... In the bottle it smelled worryingly old-fashioned with a hint of vanilla, but on my skin there's intriguingly dark, sweet spices with a slightly medicinal note, reminiscent of Secrete Datura. But then it somehow becomes sweeter & airier, then turns into the smell of the mouthwash they give you at the dentist's surgery, which put me right off! I so wanted to like this mainly because of the name.. just goes to show you can't judge a book... I'm giving it two stars because I'm sure it's just a skin chemistry thing & other reviews have indicated it varies a lot from person to person, so try before you buy.
By   - from southampton uk on 4/11/2010
This is a wonderful fragrance, warm, complex, sensuous, sandalwood, jasmine, very beautiful. What is so magnificent is that it is made of only completely natural oils, no preservatives or chemicals which I am very sensitive to, so the scent is great for those of us with delicate senses. There is no strange chemical smell lingering which is what you get with most brand name perfumes... I have friends undergoing cancer treatment and this is the only fragrance they can tolerate. Yaay! Finally!
By   - skin care shop owner from Los Angeles on 1/26/2010
An incredible fragrance
By   - from Miami on 1/18/2010
im not really sure how i feel about this, ultimately i have decided its a jasmine based perfume and this is the star note. its blened quite well with a cocnutty scent. The jasmine has almost a sharp quality at first but it becomes softer over time. Ultimately I wont be buying a FB of this, its nice but its not me.
By   - admin from melb on 11/5/2009
Oh, and creamy too
By   - from jakarta on 7/6/2009
just got this today..along with samples, thank u ;; a bit on a heavy note for a day scent, but it surely smells nice & sophisticated. Or as some comments say: classy
By   - from Jakarta on 7/5/2009
its definetly timeless and unique a perfect blend of sexy classy,i smelled it on a lady agent/freind and had to buy it for my girlfreind,and as a man i've never bought perfume on line.. its a must have ladies!!
By   - hall of fame athlete from new york on 7/3/2009
Maybe its my chemistry but I do not get any of the feedback below. On my skin this is a very simple scent, mainly sandalwood and vanilla. Nice and warm but nothing special and way too bland for me.
By  on 4/24/2009
This is a violet perfume on me . It's very lovely.
By   - from CA on 4/10/2009
I could not believe how many MEN I had telling me what are you wearing! You smell so good! lol! It was unbelievable! I love this fragrance. I feel like the ultimate sex magnet when I wear it. It smells soooo good!
By   - Hosp/Admin from Rancho Palos Verdes on 3/30/2009
Playing in a masculine world would more times than not intimidate the men in my life as wells as those passing through; when I began to wear love juice I blossomed- my feminine energy developed and I was able to accept all the love and nuturing those men just despiratly wanted to give. Love is Magical however its bottled. Smells just as great on him as it does on me. I love when I walk into his office and he's wearing Jus d'Amour!!! It's all I wear to bed.
By   - Athlete from New York on 1/3/2009
This does smell lovely! But it TOTALLY smells like Fire and Ice by Revlon(except it does smell more classy and expensive with a touch more wood). Introduced by Revlon in 1994 FIRE & ICE is a sharp oriental fragrance. This Perfume has a blend of tangerine orange flower and magnolia. Accompanied by woods musk and spices. My friends and I wore it all through junior high; if it weren't for that memory, I think I would have bought this already, it's a very beautiful scent (and my daughter's name is Mersadies, how cool is that!-i spell it differently though :)
By   - stay home mommy from dewey, ok on 11/24/2008
The description is perfect - this scent is warm and autumnal and cozy, while also being quite sexy and feminine in a subtle way. This scent does not scream at you, just imbues skin with a lingering sweetness and a feeling of well-being. My new fall favorite!
By   - Marketing from Princeton on 11/12/2008
Isn't very pretty on me. The violet note interferes and gives a kind of stale rubber aroma on my skin. It smells rather medicinal - similar to what I get from Montale Aoud fragrances.
By   - from South San Francisco on 11/7/2008
This fragrance for me has "Life Force" in it, as the person who created it had a deep passion for what they were creating. It has a punch that the men go crazy for.
By   - Artist and Creative Producer from Los Angeles, CA on 11/1/2008
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