Interlude Black Iris

Eau de Parfum

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Very much Interlude Man, plus the iris that lends a slightly more powdery barbershop accord. Still stunning, but if you have one, you don't need the other. For those who haven't tried the original Interlude, it is a strongly medicinal, woody, slightly animalistic drying to a spicy woody forest with sap/resin and rich bark notes. A perfect dark Autumn gothic dreamscape.
By   - Engraver from Seattle on 6/25/2021
The original Interlude... for wimps. The added iris is barely noted. I'm biased as I love the original and don't quite understand why some need the volume turned down (something that Amouage did unannounced in the past, but—with this issue—is now proudly marketing) when trigger fingers could just learn the effective frugality of "the single spray." In fairness, still a beautiful scent of incense fresh from the baker's oven.
By   - Smeller from Singapore on 4/4/2021
Just received my bottle on Aug 10, 2020 and am extremely happy with this. It was a blind buy however I’d smelled the original Interlude Man before from a sample but bought the new Iris version based off word that the oregano note had been toned down. This smells like a rich, masculine, slightly leathery incense and tobacco. My wife loves it as well. Unfortunately it’s still hot in Dallas this summer so I won’t be wearing it out until it cools off but can’t wait. So glad I waited to get this one over the original Interlude. I think this one will be more crowd pleasing than the original.
By   - Sales from Dallas on 8/10/2020
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