Journey Man

Eau de Parfum

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After smelling this for the second time I realized what a Hidden Gem this is. Interlude Man is in my top 5 for sure now it has to compete with this one!
By   - Account manager from Omaha on 5/31/2018
Journey Man opens with a sweet, fruity incense, reminiscent of Amouage's Jubilation. What makes this fragrance stand out is the Sichuan pepper and the juniper berries, which are blended beautifully with neroli and bergamot - creating a really nice combination of sweet and spicy top and middle notes once it starts to dry down. The tobacco really comes through after a half hour or so, and together with the tonka, it is balanced out beautifully with the resinous, balsamic notes. Interlude is still my favorite Amouge for the fall/winter months, but if that one is too heavy for you, definitely give Journey Man a try!
By   - Writer from CA on 11/25/2016
Spicy, bright, but deep and complex
By  on 6/1/2015
All hail Jermel…no other exclamations need be uttered!!
By   - from Homer on 9/25/2014
This is absolutely stunning! It's so freakin sexy and original...nothing generic about this one. A masterpiece for sure.
By   - Musician from Pensacola on 9/12/2014
Incredibly versatile.......a real masterpiece. This fragrance is fresh, bold, sweet, spicy, leathery and creamy all at the same time. Picture the finest suede on earth, rich pipe tobacco, sweet tonka, sparkling fruit (bergamot), signature Amouage incense and a pinch of pepper to give it some kick. It is definitely more sweet than spicy. The opening is bursting with energy as the zesty fruit/spice/leather and tobacco are in full force and it really made my mouth water....but as time goes on, the spices and fruit settle significantly to a smooth and balanced tonka infused suede (or fine leather.) The leather is very authentic and sharp in my opinion. Amouage couldn't have picked a better choice of colors to represent this fragrance.....*****5 Stars*****
By   - Police from N.Falls on 7/26/2014
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