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Amouage jubilation smells exspensive and intoxicating it has great silage last all day my go to perfume for work just amazing
By   - Nurse from Chicago on 9/29/2019
Horrible!! All i smell is a strong clove smell with almost a menthol type of smell as well. It reimnds me of a very old outdated smell that reminds me of something my father had gowing up as a little boy. This is not for me at all.
By   - retired from atlanta on 5/3/2018
I am a huge Amouage fan. Jubilation 25 smells to me like the melted wax of the most expensively perfumed candle; that's a good thing. Jubilation 25 is other worldly; as though it was crafted from the finest oils, scents and waxes... There's a depth and a warmth in that melted wax scent... bury your nose in it. I promise, it's that good.
By   - ORM Specialsiist from Chippewa Falls on 12/22/2016
Jubilation 25 juts out in different directions, blatantly reminiscent of such classics like Hermes Caleche, Rochas Femme (the post '89 formula with the big cumin note, which I wore on vacation at some point), and last but certainly NOT least, a permanent wardrobe staple of mine, Guerlain's Mitsouko.....while I hate to go off-topic here and believe that one should at least try to judge a fragrance on its own merit, I cannot keep silent about my excitement over the return of two Classic Guerlains on store shelves this September (one of them being my much beloved Signature Scent, LHB!!!!!!!!) So if you love a lot of the classics as I very much do, reformulated or not, I cannot recommend this fragrance enough.
By   - Retired Artist from New York City on 8/8/2016
This is quite possibly the best perfume I have ever worn in my entire life, ( and I have tried hundreds) It is just rich, and lavish, stunningly beautiful, utterly glorious. I consider myself to be very classy and elegant, and when I put this on it just completes the picture. For me this is now my new "signature scent" as I am no longer able to easily get the L'air de Rien I have been wearing for the last few years, not really a hardship though.
By   - Canine Behaviourist from Nr. Portland , Oregon on 7/9/2014
Oh my...this is basically a big cumin party on me.
By   - from Phoenix on 8/15/2011
This is lovely, sophisticated and complex and at the risk of making an all too familiar comment, belongs on an older dame...... It makes me like it for someone else.
By   - therapist from NYC on 3/9/2011
I received my very large sample order today. I sniffed the lot of 30 samples and set aside the ones that my nose immediately said "not so much" and then set to task to put them on my body. This one I applied to my ankle and I'm sure glad I did put it somewhere as far away from my nose as possible. The first thing I thought when I smelled it was "CALECHE". It smells very old lady to me. If you love Caleche (the original), this one is right up your alley. I hate Caleche with a passion so likewise, this one is stanky to me. The Tarragon listed in the note list is very predominant. I don't mind a spice in my fragrance now and then but this just smells like straight Tarragon. Why is it that the most expensive fragrance samples I buy end up being the ones I hate the most?
By   - Fragrance sales from Chicago on 11/24/2009
By   - from MIAMI on 10/1/2009
Although the opulence of this perfume is evident in the opening note, I find the first sniff a bit overwhelming and intimidating. The cumin is an evident but sweetly presented introduction with the incense and vetivert quality lingering closely behind. I'm not sure why but I am reminded of Chanel no. 5 when I initially smell this fragrance. For me, that was enough of an introduction to pass it on to the older women in my family. However, upon closer inspection, the drydown really starts to seduce me back into taking another sniff. The incense softens up just enough to create a warm inviting effect that seems elegant and comforting. The end result to me is an analogy of a complex, incensed rose with a touch amber. This scent is definitely worth a try for an olfactory seduction but, like a new relationship, unless your willing to commit, it may not be the scent for you.
By   - Graphic Designer from Toronto on 8/19/2009
This is so lovely. A rich but soft floral oriental. Tarragon is prominent but not obnoxious or melancholy. Cumin is subtle but there. Reminds me a lot of Gucci Rush but much more sophisticated and retstrained. When I where Jub. 25, I keep getting lovely wafts of "something" that is constantly changing and then realize it's my perfume. Very long lasting, not a sillage bomb but you always know it's there, even 12 hours later and you don't need much. I plan on getting the 100 ml. as soon as I can swing it. Try it, you won't regret it. By the way, many say that Gold is the way to go, but I could not wear it and I'm no perfume wimp being a die hard fan of Montale. Gold is the equivalent of eating a whole pan of Bakhlava (not that I have!) it was so rich it literally made me queasy and gave me a headache and it smelled beautiful. . . go figure, but go try Jubilation!
By   - from Halifax on 8/17/2009
Believe it when other reviewers reference the reformulated version of Femme Rochas as that's exactly where my mind went when I first applied Jubilation 25. Just like Femme, there is a strong cumin note in the opening even though it's not in the list of notes. There is also a consistant rose all through J-25. When compared to Femme, J-25 does smell more expensive, but for the money (and the extra skank that I like) Femme will do just fine.
By   - Fortunteller  from Washington, DC on 6/29/2009
A very savvy and charming perfume vendor sold my boyfriend a matched set of Jubilation 25 for me and Jubilation XXV for him. His scent is such a good match that everytime he wears it I want to rip his clothes off. My scent, not so much. This is a very lovely and obviously high quality perfume, and I love to wear it on special occasions. It is just a bit too heady to wear everyday. I do not think it is "old lady-ish" at all, it just has class (I guess the two are often mistaken for one another?). That being said, it does not have the same appeal that the Jubilation XXV has in terms of being appropriate for everyday usage. I would be delighted if my boyfriend wore this everyday, but I don't think I could wear mine all the time.
By   - attorney from Los Angeles on 5/21/2009
I did not love this on first sniff, but after sampling a couple of times, I fell in love. This is a gorgeous sophisticated womanly scent. It layers well with the men's version Jubilation XXV too!
By   - from San Diego on 4/6/2009
Absolutely beautiful , soft but deep oriental . I love it - it does smell classy and expensive. You know you are smelling quality perfume .Very nicely done.
By  on 10/10/2008
Absolutely beautiful , soft but deep oriental . I love it - it does smell classy and expensive. You know you are smelling quality perfume .Very nicely done.
By  on 10/10/2008
A tenacious, almost insistent scent, like a five-year-old child tugging on your arm. I know the scent is lovely but I am convinced it needs a time out.
By   - from Yakima on 8/8/2008
Very complex and sophisticated. More of a cold weather scent. Love the herbiness but gave me a wicked migraine, unfortunately.
By  on 7/30/2008
I agree with the previous reviewed. While I do not have the Rochas to do the comparison. My first thoughts were that, although very nice, this is not unique and I wouldn't be tempted to pay the price. Very nice scent for the mature woman, I can't see anyone under 40 carrying this off.
By   - from Halifax on 7/16/2008
Finally Got my sample today. Ok, I have to say Jublilation 25 is indeed a very nice classy, mature, oriental, woodsy, spicy but really smooth all the way to the end scent. And surprisingly, this perfume smells very similar to the Femme by Rochas to me. in fact after I compare the two in my both arms (which is just right now), I do realized they share a lot of similarity, (It could be also my body chemistry :) maybe on someone else it smells more like Chanel no.5 :) Any body agree and may have the same feelings..?... But anyways, The truth is,, although to me, J-25 smells very likely to be like Femme, I have to say, $300 v.s $30, it's not without a reason.. you can totally tell right then. Jubilation smells expensive because it doesn't give you a headache or have a rush loud sharpness when your nose get closer. But even Femme still would be considered as a "not bad" perfume, it still gives me a sharp shock when I get too close to it. And Of course I believe J-25 is a more complex perfume which you can tell slowly when it dry down, and it slowly change with more stage, But I also realized just now as I am writing,.. Oh, my Femme arm started to change and it's actually quite nice. and my J-25 arm started to get a bit sharp edge..strange... But still they smell very similar to me, except Femme has some Peach note at the dry down now..I am a bit confused now, Anyways, in conclusion, If you enjoy Femme, you should also like J-25, But I don't know if I will purchase J-25 because it is not an everyday perfume that you can use, but it will surely stand out for a special night out, But, for $300 a bottle, I'm not sure how many special night there is out there.. : ) I may just stick with my $30 Femme for now.
By   - from L.A on 5/8/2008
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