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I don't think men should write off this or even Puredistance 1. They each have a sort of very expensive soapy vibe that I feel very comfortable in. Depending on your comfort in wearing florals, I say at least sample. These creations are too good not to share.
By   - Project Manager from Lawrenceville, NJ on 7/19/2016
If you like and remember Arielle de Fragonard, you would also like Antonia. They are not clones, but this is very reminiscent of Arielle. I had a close friend, now deceased, who wore Arielle as her signature scent for years, so my first whiff of Antonia brought an instant smile of remembrance to my face. This is lovely rather old-school perfumery, a well-blended mix of florals and spices. It is warm and comforting and very feminine.
By   - human resources from denver on 12/9/2015
Oh dear, I really wanted to like this frag. To me it is very soapy and powdery with a little spice. At first spray I thought that the sillage ang longevity would be great but, disappointed.
By  on 4/26/2014
The first whiff smells warm and soft, clean and a bit powdery/honey-like with a touch of pepper. I was looking for a perfume with orris root, a note you can definitely sense immediately--I believe orris is what others refer to when they describe this scent as soapy or clean. Ultimately I absolutely love this scent, it's feminine without being overbearing. I have been a strict wearer of Chloe by Chloe for years (quite the opposite), you cannot really compare the two, but I was looking for an update and I am pleased except for the fact that the scent does not seem to last very long on me... I want to reapply it throughout the day and really wish it had more staying power. I have a sample of OPARDU which knocks you off of your feet. This one lasts all day and has a gorgeous creamy white floral embrace, very feminine and soft.
By  on 11/29/2013
springy and green.
By  on 1/14/2013
Almost 5 stars but after the dry down, it is much less appealing. I smelled the Ivory soap mentioned in a prior review and actually loved it. I felt well physically and emotionally while wearing this fragrance. After initial application I continued to smell it, think about it and describe it for about an hour! This frag is an example of why I love perfume but again, the dry down after about 2 hours really lost much of the fascination for me.
By   - Massage Therapist from Chicago on 12/22/2012
My God this perfume hated me. I got *nothing* of the fragrances listed in the description. 1st whiff:Chemical-y Printer Paper. 2nd whiff: Burnt Candle Wax. 3rd. whiff: some sort of awful, dime store floral/cinnamon incense stick monster. Foul. It just never let up or mellowed out.
By  on 4/20/2012
I forgot to mention that on me, there was very little "green" and this is quite sweet in a purely floral way.
By  on 6/27/2011
Wow, are these potent! Just got a sample and smeared the stopper on my arm, literally not enough to even look wet and a huge lush cloud of jasmine, rose and ylang ylang enveloped me. Screams purest quality and old school perfumery. Seriously I don't know how long it would take to use up one of the 17ml? vials. These are treasures and must tried. Beautiful!
By  on 6/27/2011
Wow. Antonia starts off with a rush of floral that dissipates yet lingers! It's warmed over time with the vanilla and has mellowed into a lovely bouquet of fragrance that has been floating around me all day. I keep sniffing my arm where I dabbed the scent. Lush fragrance for spring and summer. This is a keeper - yay!
By   - Mom from Charlottesville on 4/7/2011
Antonia starts off very green and rather soapy on my skin and at first I thought: what are all the raves about? I mean it's nice, but.... But then about half an hour into the drydown, a lovely tangerine note comes out, taming the green soapiness and really bringing otu the rose and jasmine notes to the front. A warm, dark ambery drydown lasts and lasts and it helps ground the green and floral notes. A must try for any classic perfume lovers and fans of Chanel. This is not the type of fragrance I would go wild over at first sniff, but I can see myself testing and retesting and becoming completely obsessed.
By   - from NYC on 3/8/2011
This is a very unique fragrance. I've put some on my wrists and, now that the initial floral impression has dried a little, I detect chalk and Ivory soap. I hope that's not off-putting to some who will read this review; it's not unpleasant, especially with the floral base in the background. Am anxious to see how it smells once it has 'matured' on my skin for an hour or two. Now I need to try 1! ; )
By   - Student from Pasadena, CA on 3/4/2011
Ladies and gentlemen. Perfume just doesn't get any better than Antonia. Antonia is fit for royalty. So be a queen and buy a bottle.
By  on 3/2/2011
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