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Sadly, this does not work well with my chemistry. It dries down to a Safeguard-deodorant-soap smell, neither pleasant nor luxurious. I could imagine this taking quite a different turn on someone else, into something very lovely and sophisticated. I have not had much luck with Amouage and I am sorely disappointed. My skin turns their creations into something akin to Aqua Net hairspray, strong dryer sheets, or the aforementioned (yucky-smelling) soap, and for all the wonderful ingredients that go into them, they do not end up being something I would like to smell like (or smell) all day/night. If you are one of the lucky ones on whom this house smells elegant and exotic, I envy you! As for me, I'll move on to new frontiers.
By   - Allied Health from Ann Arbor on 3/2/2018
Amouage is quickly becoming one of my favorite houses; that's saying something for a woman who has been utterly devoted to Chanel for 35+ years. There are fragrances that are simple, surface-y, and one note; i.e. most department store fragrances. Amouage is old school style with modern appeal. Dia is one of those deceptively simple perfumes. Yes, I get the whole "soapy" smell. BUT, this is soap out of a 5 star, no expense spared, Parisian perfumery where smelling like soap trumps anything coming out of a U.S. department store. I wear Dia during the day when I want to smell clean, sophisticated, beautiful and five star.
By   - ORM Specialist from Chippewa Falls on 10/19/2016
This was my favorite sample that I received. It's crisp, sensual, and feminine. I love it!!
By   - Export clerk from Elizabethtown on 9/20/2016
Surprisingly wonderful. LuckyScent is usually pretty spot on with their reviews, and in this case there is no exception. It doesn't just smell rich, it smells wealthy -- wealthy, beautiful, and very Parisienne. Dia IS slightly soapy and somewhat old-fashioned, it opens with a blast of aldehydes that brings to mind many of the pre-1950 classics, but the rest of the composition is thoroughly modern. Fresh, floral, warm, spicy and powdery, it's everything at the same time, making it perfect for nearly every occasion. It's not age that would prevent someone from pulling it off, it's bearing and attitude -- this is an extremely sophisticated scent. Sillage is moderate and longevity is above average, I can easily still smell remnants of it 20hrs later. It is slightly perfumey, but because it's so seamlessly blended, it ultimately comes across as a somewhat subtle skin scent. Very unique, very elegant. Highly recommend.
By   - from LA on 3/18/2015
This fragrance lasts forever even after 12 hours and a shower I could still smell it on my wrist. Too bad I don't really like it. It started out powdery and unfortunately stayed that way. I find it is a deep slightly dark scent nice but not the ONE. Back to the search...
By   - from Southeast on 12/15/2012
soapy soap for grandma.... when I smell this scent I see an old grandma in sunlight and light wind's playing her not long curly gray hair she looks like a ripened dandelion and I feel scent her hair she's very clean and very accurate today maybe she has a date with old lover...........................
By  on 6/6/2012
I have to re-post because for some reason none of the Amouage are giving me headaches anymore and I unfairly stated that Dia didn't last on me. Maybe I had a bad sample because the last one I had lasted until the next day on me and had the most gorgeous animalic far drydown. For me, this is far richer and brighter and long lasting than it's supposedly big sister Gold. Simply beautiful and feminine and I must make it mine. My credit card is melting . . . . .
By  on 8/10/2011
Ahhhh I love it.... my bank account is going to hate me for it though! This is the perfect, sophisticated, wear-to-work fragrance. Soft, yet incredibly feminine. I've worn aqua di parma iris nobile for quite some time as my daytime work fragrance, but this is far superior. I'd better start saving now... but this splurge will be well worth it!
By   - from Hamden on 8/8/2011
I ordered the sample first and find this fragrance rich and pretty. I have just ordered a 50ml bottle and can't wait for it to arrive. I already own Ciel and Lyric. The only complaint I have about the Amouage perfumes is lack of staying power. Otherwise, a lovely line of fragrances!
By   - from California on 7/22/2011
Nearly 14.5 hours after application, I can still smell it on my skin. This is a gorgeous scent, I cannot get over it. Each time I sniff my skin, I inhale so deeply that I come out gasping for air. That is how good this perfume is. Clean, sophisticated, the scent a grown woman would wear. I'm 25, so quite a ways away from old/grandma-age, but I would wear this every day if I had a bottle. Then again, I am also known to wear its even more luxe cousin Gold during the day.
By  on 3/8/2011
This one was too powdery smelling for my taste. It does smell like it belongs on someone older (senior). It does seem long lasting.
By   - Therapist from NYC on 6/23/2010
Beautiful! Was looking for something feminine, elegant, warm and classy; I found it! This perfume is luscious, it smells very french and very expensive. I love how long it stays on me, how I can still smell it on my clothes at the end of the day, it is very sexy but not in the "heavy spicy oriental" type of scent. Have received many compliments, "you smell so yummy". Expensive, but so worth it!!!l Others smell plastic next to the quality of "Amouage" perfumes.
By   - International Bus. Consultant from Tulsa on 2/20/2010
Oh, dear. I must have smelled a thousand perfumes in my life and I have never before met one that I actively disliked. This is it. My notes, on the three days I tried the sample: "Skunky; weird." "Maybe when I'm 75, but not now." and "I'm waiting for this scent to develop into something tolerable...still waiting...."
By   - from Wisconsin on 9/28/2009
By far my favorite in the Amouage line. Slightly sweet, deep and gorgeous and lasts on my skin all day. I could still smell this on me the following morning. No need to apply much. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Feminine and super sexy.
By  on 4/21/2009
This is da bomb! My favorite Amouage by far. A bit sweet, very rich and feminine, perfect for a hot date.
By   - from San Diego on 4/6/2009
Very sophisticated and elegant. I find the first few minutes slightly cloying, but this soon passes and for the rest of the day I feel refined and feminine and special. It lasts for ages on my skin (which few fragrances do) - I love it.
By   - from England on 1/31/2009
This is very beautiful. Very Sweet, rich, feminine and sexy. My only complaint is that it doesn't last. None of the Amouage offerings do on me and for that amount of money, they should. Sorry, wish it weren't so. . . .
By   - from Halifax on 12/3/2008
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