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Divine somehow has discovered the secret of making a classic French perfume which has the depth and layers of perfumes from before the time when so many ingredients were restricted. I love this perfume for that. Now if someone could just figure out how to replicate those delicious plummy notes in Nombre Noir-my mouth waters just thinking about it.
By   - N/A from Gulf Coast on 10/2/2021
A patchouli rose that starts out bright and sparkling. Dries down to an ambery wood. The drydown has a dusty quality(someone else described it as "Stale") that I also find in Tocade and Ylang 49 and don't really like. Synthetic woods? Overall, nice, sophisticated, and well-blended, but the sample will suffice.
By   - Working from Brooklyn on 8/17/2016
wait for the dry down! it's magnificently powdery, softly spicy and wine-ish. reminds me some of dior's original poison's equally seductive dry down. i must say, it took me twenty minutes to like the scent. initially the patchoulli up against the florals reminds me of a particularly awful and popular air freshener from the eighties... i would recommend sampling this scent, and being patient with it as your body heat breaks it down into something sweet.
By   - from seattle on 5/18/2010
Too heavy for me, with a slightly stale note that makes the back of my throat itch. Still, it blends with my skin in a really appealing way and it's almost a good perfume for me... but not quite.
By   - marketing from Bronxville on 8/22/2009
Pleasant. Sweet. Rose-y. Foody. Ultimately, disappointing. There is something special about this fragrance, and yet something integral is missing. A shame.
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 3/13/2009
I should have been more specific. If you like this, try Arpege by Lanvin. It is the classic French vanilla, floral, citrus-y (in a heavy way) fragrance. It is also now available at discount for much less than the price of this. And, oh, the sillage, should you want it.
By  on 9/15/2008
On my skin, I smell vanilla from open to close. There's more civet apparent on the dry down. It is a powdery scent. This has been done before, and better, by the classic perfume houses.
By  on 9/15/2008
Out of the bottle, I was not impressed. It smlled cheap and just unimpressive, like something you might buy at Walgreens (if you're such a person!) But out of boredom I tried it on and it immediately began to shift. IT turned into something pleasant, but not show-stopping. BUt after about fifteen minutes, when it was totally dry, I started smelling soft, alluring rose, and I ralized it was coming from me! This perfume is sexy rose--just sweet enough not to be a full on floral (which I am not partial to), with a rich, creaminess to round it all out. This is certainly a feminine, beautiful perfume that I look forward to wearing this summer.
By   - web designer from austin on 5/3/2008
Far too strong for me! This is a hardcore French perfumey scent. It is not repugnant, just 110% present. If you like heady, dark fragrances, than this is for you. I just can't imagine anywhere I'd be able to wear this without feeling conspicuous. It reminds me of the days of wearing Coco Channel, and Jil Sander. It turns very baby-powdery on me, just as those did. I'm leaning more toward modern, complex blends that don't shout "PERFUME!", these days, but if you long for those amber-colored elixirs with the black caps, than go for it!
By  on 8/11/2007
stunning rose patchouli! L 'inspiratrice is a high class vixen, not for prudes!
By   - noyb from new york on 8/8/2007
Reviewing POTL's A.maze, I said that all rose scents smelled old-fashioned to me. That was before I sniffed L'Inspiratrice! This is a showstopper of a scent. The spicy, honeyed sweetness of the rose immediately grabbed me, so much that my wrist was literally plastered to my nose for almost half an hour! At the end the vetiver and patch come out most, making this rose so dark it's almost black. From beginning to end, an absolutely beautiful, modern blend that brings out all the aphrodisiac qualities of the classic rose. Truly divine!
By   - journalist from Manila on 4/25/2007
At first I thought, old lady, but then something wonderful happened, it became this really sophicated and beautiful scent. WOW and I am not a rose lover but any means. I will be purchasing this bottle for thos special occassions....like Mother's Day and my Anniversary. DH loved it!!!
By   - stay at home Mom from NYC on 2/3/2007
when i was young i used to watch my mother get dressed and put on perfume. she wore something called Intimate. This took me back there... it is a very rich elegant scent. Very feminine and sophisticated.
By   - agent from saint petersburg on 1/22/2007
Floral, definitely. This scent does not shout; it states calmly and firmly "Here I am, I am pretty." The rose is light-scented and classic.
By  on 1/19/2007
Yes, this IS wonderful - a worthy addition to this terrific, classic French perfume line! Along with the classic Divine fragrance this has fast become my favorite scent from the line. A must for those who love darker rose scents. If you don't like patch, still try this because it's not overpowering. This is one of the loveliest fruity florals I've ever tried - nothing like the generic fruity florals you'd find in dept. stores.
By   - from NYC on 1/5/2007
I have a sample already, and it's pretty wonderfull I might say.
By   - from Baltimore on 1/5/2007
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