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My signature scent. I've tried dozens of other musks and nothing comes close to this for me. This is the true king of clean musks!
By   - Business from Edmonton on 11/21/2020
The scent is fine, if a tad unremarkable. A sharp soapy white musk and nothing more. The real problem is the stupid bottle design. This bottle design is notorious for leaking and being poorly sealed. I bought a used bottle on ebay and have watched it evaporate to mere drops in just a few years with little use.
By  on 8/8/2015
If money were no object, which of course it is for me, I would have no less than 5 bottles of this at my disposal at all times. It is how I want my body to smell, my bed, my car, my clothes, my hair...I wish my sweat oozed this freshness. It has a pleasurable soapiness, but does not smell like a bar of commercial soap. Silver is the perfect adjective for this musk. It fairly twinkles on me. LuckyScent describes it perfectly. And just when I think it is gone, there it is again. It nestles and then pops. I. LOVE. THIS. FRAG!
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 4/11/2015
Tried yesterday and found it very sharp and metallic musc, , I don't think is a sensual perfume at all and has a masculine vibe, I wonder wich musc will dethrone my beloved Bruno Acampora musc .
By   - from Timaru- New Zealand on 9/17/2014
I've been searching for my perfect skin scent for some time and I was hoping this might be the one. Nope. It's pleasant, but non-descript. But it does garner lots of compliments. Strangers (mostly women) frequently ask what perfume I'm wearing so it must have some appeal. But I don't get it. I'll stick with All that matters or Escentric Molecules E02 for now.
By  on 11/25/2013
This one is so fresh and so clean, clean. Very simple scent that says "I'm here and I just stepped out of the shower". This one is linear but does the job. I second the reviewer that said it smells like Soft Soap handwash. This musky scent projects for an hour or so then stays close to the skin till it fades away. Good clean smell that is unfortunately short lived.
By  on 3/24/2013
I can chime in as well on the one odd note. It's a well crafted fragrance which goes on fresh and a bit soapy to my nose. Then after about 2 hours I smell something strong and similar to the original, plasticky smell of Soft Soap, a liquid hand cleanser. Definitely a clean smell, but takes me back to summer camp.
By   - from San Diego on 7/20/2012
I definitely get an oud note with this one, especially on the opening. Thankfully, it's a tamed down oud with all of the ruder notes removed. Very nice touch. I wonder if this is the "weird note" that others are referring to?
By   - from Seattle, WA on 7/20/2012
Not sure why the description of masculine - on me it's feminine without being "girly." I'll try the sample a few more times, but I think this one is going to prove worthy of a full bottle.
By   - from MI on 1/2/2012
I disagree with those who say it's masculine. To me it is definitely a unisex fragrance (which I often prefer). I could definitely smell this on a woman. This is not a strong fragrance -- not something you would wear out on a date. It's very clean, and subtle, something you could wear to work and not worry about annoying your coworkers.
By   - Market Research from Charlottesville, VA on 4/4/2011
I'll say the same as others have said below, this scent is masculine. I don't know why it would be categorized as "unisex". I do enjoy some "unisex" scents and this is not one.
By   - therapist from NYC on 5/13/2010
I have this one, I love it. Its fresh and musky at the same time. Lasts nicely.
By   - Rtist from Denver on 4/8/2010
Unique clean and lasting
By  on 10/28/2009
I think this could become a favourite. There's nothing obviously 'scented' about this fragrance, it simply cloaks the wearer in a gentle veil of perfume. Subtle, harmonious, sensual. I can't agree with the comments that this is a man's scent. On me it's clean, warm, slightly spicy and very slightly sweet. The bottle is distinctive and modern. An appealing package all round.
By   - TV Producer from Sydney on 5/1/2009
To me, this smells almost exactly like Bvlgari Pour Homme, with an only slightly more pronounced musk note.
By  on 8/6/2008
its wonderful but definitely a man's scent. All that Matters and Perfect Veil are much more feminine skin scents.
By  on 3/14/2008
Should be a man's fragrance. It's not unpleasant but is rather soapy and not feminine to me at all. Not bad just not for me.
By  on 3/1/2008
I really wanted to like this but there is a really strange note in it that I can't identify and that throws the whole scent off. The note itself is almost plastic like with a sweetness.
By   - from Chicago on 1/20/2008
I just got this today and was excited. It is ok...but very masculine. I like clean, fresh, soapy and this isn't that. There is an odd note in it...
By   - from Regina on 1/17/2008
Disappointing. There is little bit of a musk smell but then something that smells like a mixture of play dough and paint overpowering it. I'll stick to Sud Pacifique musk
By   - teacher from Burlington on 1/14/2008
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