Parfum Extrait

by Nasomatto

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30ml $185
0.7ml sample $12
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Why doesn''t anyone ever talk about how heavily patchouli based Duro, Hindu Grass and Pardon are? To me the dry down of Duro is nothing more than the very high quality patchouli found in Mazzolari''s Patchouli and especially Profumum''s Patchouly. Not to take anything away from Nasomatto fragrances (as if that were at all possible) all I smell when I sniff the three mentioned above is high quality patchouly. Montale''s Aoud Musk and Duro are very similar.
By   - Pastry Chef from NYC on 3/15/2016
A bit too medicinal for me perhaps too much Oudh sense? Despite the descriptions and reviews, Pardon, not Duro, is the masterpiece of Nasomatto.
By  on 5/8/2015
Totally watered down compared to my friend''s bottle of a few years ago. They probably reformulated it. Oh well, going back to Dirty English.
By   - Freelance Economist from Los Angeles on 3/24/2014
I went back and forth with this one for days with a sample and finally purchased. It is very similar to Montale''s Aoud Musk, but I prefer the drydown of Duro (on my skin, at least). Duro drys down musky and leathery, whereas Aoud Musk''s drydown is just sweet notes. The top and middle notes in both are very close (hard to say exactly what they are, but they are almost identical) and the price difference almost pushed me towards Montale. I did decide to throw down for the Duro based on the drydown and see how long the tiny bottle of extra strength lasts. I don''t get huge sillage from this but I''ve also never tried more than one spray. It''s a fascinating medicinalleatherywoodsy smell that I could see you would either love or hate. Also, much more wearable than Black Afgano IMO.
By   - Philosopher from San Francisco on 2/27/2014
This is leather with a wood-spice dusting. You darn well better mean it when you wear it. Not for the timid...or at least you won''t be timid for long!
By   - Oncology Nurse from Mission Viejo on 2/19/2014
Don''t believe a word of it! This is not a scent to be exclusively kept for men. This is "Sex in a Bottle" and if you are brave enough to wear it then do so. You will have people chasing you down and asking for the name of your fragrance. It has dry Sandalwood notes but an underlying musky smell that drives you crazy.
By  on 1/26/2013
Definitely more complex and interesting than a deoderant spray. I''m not sure the price is justified. We pay for rare materials and exclusivity but this seems made up of the same cheap synthetics as everything else. Smells like a sharp chemical artificial Agarwood (oud). The warmth and woodiness are nice, I just wish it didn''t have that sharp chemical odor.
By   - from NY on 10/25/2012
It has a long lasting christmas tree smelling odor, kind of woodsy. But it also smells clean and very masculine. I tried some out just before going to the gym and wow, this stayed on strong and actually mixed in well with my skin. If you like sweet smells, you won''t like this. It''s exactly what the name says it is, it''s a hard masculine smell.
By   - Self employed from Houston on 12/1/2011
I''d like to make a change to my last review, that uses the word "idiot". That was unnecessarily harsh and I wish I could retract it, but alas I can''t. I offer my apologies, but my dislike of Duro still stands. :)
By  on 5/14/2011
I''m a woman and I have worn this fragrance for two years. I continuously get compliments from both men and women alike as to what a unique and wonderful scent I''m wearing. No flowers, nothing sweet but definitely intriguing.
By   - from Palm Springs on 5/13/2011
Do you like Duro? I have a task for you. Go to the deodorant aisle of any drug store. Look for a variety of Axe body spray called Instinct. Smell it. Smell it several times if you need to. Now ask yourself why on this mudball Earth would ANY idiot pay $148 for a perfume bottle of this scent, when the body spray equivalent can be had for $4.Yea, way to go, Mr. Gualtieri. God bless capitalism!
By  on 5/13/2011
First when i tried it on a tissue paper, the top notes were Oud and other woods. I really enjoyed the essence of those tope notes. However when i tried it on my skin. Guess wht !! patchouli is all I smell right now. It might smells different in your skin. However the perfume after few hours, smells more earthy and the patchouli notes are gone...Very complex fragrance..... but its weird that nobody has ever mentioned patchouli notes for this perfume!! Am I the only person to get patchouli? I mean its very easy to notice patchouli essence...isnt it ?I liked the smaller bottle protecter that comes along wit the famous wooden Nasomatto signature bottle cover. The other bottle protecter is smaller fits exactly the sprayer, perfect fit for traveling or in your car.
By   - from Al Ain, United Arab of Emirates on 2/3/2011
All I get from this is a nuclear blast of something sharp and astringent. I''ve given it a couple of tries and had to wash it off after half an hour because it''s so repulsive. An absolute pass on this one.
By   - from Wellington on 4/16/2010
This is quite exquisite. Perhaps the best leather scent i have tried to date. The only downside, of course, is the price.
By   - Software Test Specialist from Laurel MD on 1/22/2010
Wow. Just tried the sample I ordered. I put a TINY dab on the top of my hand and for the next four hours, that''s all I could smell. I can''t even fathom putting an actual spray of this on. It would be too much. I''m not the kind of person who likes people to smell me coming. It is a very "manly" smell and kind of traditional. Almost reminded me of Grey Flannel or that FENDI fragrance from the 80''s. Not a very modern-smelling scent and honestly nothing I could imagine someone under the age of 40 wearing. I picture a guy in his mid-40s with a beard who wears Tommy Bahama driving to golf with his buddies in Vegas in his Corvette before heading out to the strip club. Now, after all this, I''m not saying it''s a bad scent but definitely not for me.
By   - Graphic Designer from Boston on 6/2/2009
Unbelievable! This one is so brash and unapologetic... Duro smells of confidence and strength, as it''s name implies. So unlike anything else, not another woodsy, leathery clone... Use it sparingly, and be prepared....
By   - from New Orleans on 3/13/2009
I agree with Gordon, Chris, and MarkD. I think this scent is awesome. I just got a sample to try out and am verry happy with it. It is completely unique. Dirty and sophisticated at the same time. You won''t be smelling this on a lot of people and that makes it even better.
By   - from Los Angeles on 3/3/2009
Smells like a freshly polished high school gym floor. Industrial grade wood scent that you will need the jaws of life to get off you.
By   - Editor from NYC on 2/17/2009
Well, Bungalow Gal, it''s interesting to see that you believe you speak for your whole gender. every time I wear Duro, I''m simply amazed by the quantity of poitive comments I get, from both friends and strangers, waitresses in restaurants even!
By   - from glasgow on 2/3/2009
At first whiff, I thought I might like it. Duro has that classic, crisp herbal tang with a touch of spice found in many men''s cologne along with a bit of ozonepetrol and dirty leather. But that "tang" just got unpleasant, and I kept thinking my husband had tried a new drugstore deodorant, or maybe I was smelling something else- bad. Lucky Scent calls it "untamed, virile and raw" Yes... but not in a good way. Duro is that classic good looking guy, who is just faintly vulgar, after a while you want to avoid him. I had the sample on my desk and every time I walked into the room I could smell it faintly, after a while it began to repulse me. It is exactly the kind of scent that men think women will like, and we don''t.
By   - from San Jose on 10/22/2008
I''ve collected over 20 unique power scents from Luckyscent and this is my favorite. The scent is unique, the staying power is exceptional, and the complexity of the fragrance has elicited nothing but inquiries!!!! Worth the investment.
By   - from Nashville TN on 10/22/2008
This is one awesome fragrance! It lasts forever and always gets compliments. Try a sample then save up and get a bottle!
By   - IT on 10/16/2008
Rarely do I take the time to rave about something so personal, but I was prompted by Gordon from Glasgow on this site. Nasomotto has clearly created a masterpiece. I wear Duro and Serge Lutens [bought at the same time] because of their bold essence. I love the way it "matures" with my body during the day...It is so powerful, I wear it sparingly and on special occasions. It''s funny, my dry cleaner loves to launder my shirts lucky enough to have the distinct aroma of Duro on them days later. Sorry boys and girls...I''ll only disclose my new scent name here..
By   - Architect from Las Vegas on 6/1/2008
Glad to see someone else has written about this exceptional stuff. I bought my first bottle in January, and my second in February, because I dont want to run out. This fragrance is so intense and powerful in a hugely refined and classy way. I dont wear it all the time, but tend to keep it for either when the mood takes me,or when I''m going somewhere special. Any guy who likes to be stylish should buy this. In recent years the number of new fragrances hitting the market is bewildering. So is the lack of inspiration behind them. To me as a major fan of fragrance ( sucker for spending money!!), it''s clear that the major fashion houses bottle and serve up any kind of rubbish, backed by all the right market research I''m sure, to guarantee financial viability. I hope these Nasomatto guys have commercial success with this stuff. Advice to guys searching this site.... try this, you''ll love it. So will anyone standing near you!
By   - from glasgow on 5/22/2008
I am not very experienced when it comes to high end fragrances, I am used to stuff i bought from malls. This is not only the best fragrance i have ever tried, I also got more compliments than I imagined possible in a single day, really it was amazing. I put on just a small amount of the sample only on the sides of my neck one morning, and it lasted well into the night, I didnt know a fragrance could last so long, maybe because its a extrait(Extract?). It turned me into a magnet, haha it seemed like people(mostly women) kept invading my personal space all day. I will be ordering a bottle as soon as i can afford it, even though it is going to be small, and about 2x as much as i have ever payed for a 100mL, it is worth it without a doubt. My boss has a massive collection of fragrances(almost 150 in a refrigerator), and she was literally begging for the name of this fragrance, telling me how lucky I am to find such a amazing scent right off the bat. Needless to say, she is still clueless, and quite angry at my selfishness, but i dont plan on spreading the word with this special scent. Bottom line: Order a sample and experience it for yourself!
By   - student from Arlington, Tx on 5/11/2008
I have been a fragrance fan since I was 17. After 30 years, and considerably more £s, I can honestly say this is my number 1. Uncompromisingly male and powerful, but still classy and tasteful. Slightly reminiscent of Gucci Pour Homme or M7, but (imho) this is what these other two tried to be. But they missed by 45 lightyears!!
By   - from Glasgow on 2/18/2008
WoW! This reminds me of a cross between a Montale oud and Serge Lutens! Very complex and makes it''s presence known! I enjoy wearing mens'' fragrances but this is ALL male...a pure unadulterated masculine scent! This sample went immediately into hubby''s pile and I''m not one to share including my Chergui, Fumerie Turque or Borneo! I do own Narcotic Venus and think they would compliment each other nicely!
By   - from APO on 2/12/2008
Absolutley male. Duro is the most masculine, virile intoxicating mens fragrance to be created in over a decade. Destined to become a classic. Not since Yatagan by Caron in 1976 and Muscs Koublai Khan by Serge Lutens in 1998 has there been any competition. Duro is HOT,HOT, HOT and makes me sing "I Can''t Get Enough of Your Love Babe" by Barry White. I think about Duro even when I''m not wearing it.Since when did a perfume make you think of it while not wearing it?It''s a first for me.Thank you Nasomatto for creating a masterpiece.
By   - from RENO,NEVADA on 2/5/2008
Just got this yesterday. Starts off similar to YSL M7, but better,deeper, more powerful and not as sweet. However, after an hour it''s much more distinctive and masculine, and after 4 hours it''s fabulous and earthy. Still p moneyowerful after 8 hours, and everyone wanted to know what I was wearing. No flowery language required...this is fabulous and worth the money.
By   - from glasgow on 1/31/2008
Dry smokey oud scent. A pure minimal oud incense scent. Smells like YSL''s M7 but without the spices up front. In fact Duro has NO spice, citrus, florals, greens, nor animalism to it at all. Hard to describe. It is haunting, masculine and spare. Smokey and deep, with good intentions all about it. I like wearing - even think about the scent when not wearing it.
By   - from Oklahoma City on 1/10/2008
Pure yet earthy, dark yet refined, confident but coy this one is masculinity defined. No flaunting of genitals, or beating of the chest in this one. It stands tall in a classy blazer, winks at you confidently, then takes you by the hand...with him forever.
By  on 1/3/2008
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