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Kira Kira

Eau de Parfum

Kira Kira Sizes Available:
30ml $80
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Kira Kira...
I am still new to the world of perfumes, so I usually go with the safe option of vanilla scents, however I decided I needed something different for the summer, and ordered a sample of Kira Kira. At first I wasn't a fan, however after wearing the scent for a couple minutes, I went back to the sample to get a better idea of the scent, and OMG it was amazing. I absolutely love this scent, the green apple really came through, I'm a little disappointed because I was expecting more from the mint, but other than that I was blown away by this fragrance! Needless to say I will be ordering a full size bottle.
By   - Student from Olympia on 7/7/2020
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