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Eau de Parfum - Haute Concentration

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Serge Lutens Noir is Shrek's favorite fragrance cause y'know...Ogre's are like onions...they have layers. They layers of Noir are all onion baby. This is a real stink bomb and causes me to wonder why someone would actually want to smell like this. I was hoping for some clove and some cinnamon, but it's all cumin...
By   - Business from SF on 2/27/2019
On my skin this is black wood and black wood only. Nice, but slightly to masculine for me.(playing with the idea of layering it with something else.) On my boyfriend`s skin however, it`s a different story. It smells like christmas time in Norway! Inscense, woods from the fireplace and dried fruit.
By  on 9/15/2011
Put this on about 5 minutes ago and so far it's a no go. I have a nasty cold and this stuff literally opened my clogged nasal passage. May have to update later. This is definitely not for the demure.
By   - mommy from midwest on 5/9/2011
At first I wasn't sure...I kind of liked it but where would I ever wear this? After a few tries I grew to love it, and it has become my "F You" scent, something defiant. The black sheep of my collection. But for all that, I don't think it's that outrageously weird. It's a nice, dark, spicey wooley scent, kind of raspy and brooding. There are definitely times when only this scent will do.
By   - meeee from Cincinnati on 2/15/2011
Absolutely foul. May be my most despised fragrance ever. Smells like a pile of wet dog hair that has sat around for a week, then someone poured gasoline on and burned on a hot summer afternoon. I'll take my Chergui and Fumerie Turque, thank you.
By  on 10/19/2010
this is a strange one, and yes, tons of cumin. this is not one to wear for just any occasion this is not one to wear for anyone else, but ... at the same time the drydown is up there almost with that of chergui... it's staggeringly beautiful but. .. it under countless circumstances I wouldn't feel confident wearing ... still, I love it!
By   - ? from LA on 11/13/2009
It's almost fantastic - and then you get cumin.
By  on 6/28/2009
Be ye forewarned: the top note is a dead ringer for grilled onions. And not only grilled onions, but onions from a burger that has sat out in your car for hours on a summer's day.
By   - graphic artist from boerne, TX USA on 6/2/2009
A deep smoky spicy cinnamon incense smell on me...and I love it!!
By   - Designer/Engineer from Surprise on 11/25/2008
Although it isn't mentioned as a note, this is chock full o'cumin. A touch of cumin can distinguish a fragrance and lend it depth, but this scent is more sweat than swell. Irritatingly enough, Noire kept flip-flopping on my inner arm between the cumin and something really lovely. As time passed, the cumin won, but it left me very sad for what else might have been. If you aren't one of those who's skin chemistry pumps up cumin, this might be something extraordinary for you.
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver on 11/12/2008
Hated it when i first applied, i kept getting strong, somehow sour incense, but worked through the initial turn off note and it developed into a warm woody scent on my skin. Not my favorite but still a very nice fragrance . Definitely not love at first sniff.
By  on 11/9/2008
A deep, smoky, spicy, enveloping waft of incense that immediately transports you to the orient. Lusty, lovely and heady. Glorious. Mr. Lutens at his mystical best.
By   - education consulting from Paris on 11/2/2008
yes, trucker's armpit hair! excactly. I like SL but this is weird and skanky.
By  on 10/30/2008
This one reminds me of the incense burned in Greek Orthodox churches, and while I don't mind that scent in church I just cannot imagine this as a personal scent. I'm sure that many will make this work splendidly, but it won't be me. I'm not all that thrilled with recent Lutens releases. I really don't like this one.
By   - from Burlington on 10/18/2008
Normally, I love Serge and all his wonderful creations. I have to say while this perfume is excellently crafted, it is unwearable for me. I'm sure it will find fans, but I am not one of them. As soon as I dab even a tiny amount on my skin all I can smell is cumin, cumin, CUMIN! It smells like wintergreen gum tangled in a trucker's armpit hair. Serge, I am so sorry...but its pretty rank.
By  on 9/13/2008
I usually love anything Serge, but I must say, this was a disappointment. The cinnamon is strong in this, and somewhere in the blend I get nasty notes of cumin, although cumin is not listed. Sample before buying!!
By   - from Somewhere South on 8/21/2008
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