3 Fleurs

Eau de Parfum

by Parfum d'Empire

3 Fleurs Sizes Available:
100ml $160
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Here's what other people are saying about 3 Fleurs...
I feel bad posting such a negative review but this scent struck me in such a negative way that not only did I scrub but I will never put it on again. Its rare for me to dislike a scent this much. It has a urinal cake note that I just can't escape even after scrubbing. I can see the comparison to Joy, which I own. Joy is much fresher and more "pure" if you will. And someone else referenced A La Nuit by SL (which I am on my second bottle of) and I'm ridding my home of my 3 Fleurs sample so clearly to me there is no comparison.
By   - Massage Therapist from Chicago on 3/5/2013
First 10 mins is a green minty floral...then magic unfolds and it becomes this realistic creamy red rose scent...slightly sweet...tuberose and jasmine are there to enhance...rose dominates those two...it's a full-bodied frag. but remains ethereal at the same time...it gets prettier and prettier the longer it's on skin...i kept noticing a delicious scent and realized it was 3 Fleurs on my wrist...fresh, creamy, feminine...it beats DSH rosy frags. hands down.
By   - Salon manager from Philadelphia, PA on 5/4/2012
The liquid itself smells blatantly gorgeous. Inspired by 19th Century milieu, 3 Fleurs seems to be foreshadowing Arpège and Joy. On me, at first, it's distinctively the iconic trio: rose, tuberose, and jasmine. Then it quickly opens to turpentine, michelia champaca, and clove...making it seem unabashedly lavish. It's an olfactory Rachmaninoff paying tribute to Paganini. As such, it mutes me and sends me to the chorus.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 3/11/2011
By the way, I was sent this as one of my free samples, & I would have ordered it anyway if it had appeared on luckyscent before I placed my last order. Thanks guys, you know what I like!!
By   - from southampton uk on 4/11/2010
A lovely, intriguing blend of rose & jasmine, with something else which I also can't quite identify.. As it develops it's like a cross between Stella & Secrete Datura, which sounds impossible but there's a quite masculine note in there, something like violet leaf, maybe it's the combination of galbanum & mint. For a while the jasmine & tuberose flit back & forth, then suddenly there's a deep, sweet, velvety, full-blown rose & I can't stop sniffing it! It dries down beautifully into a rose-tinted musk hours later. Nice.
By   - from southampton uk on 4/11/2010
I am not really a floral person, but this scent is georgeous. Luckily, the rose stays in the background so what I mostly get is tuberose and a very light white musk. It fades more quickly than I'd like, but still, it's nice to get a whiff every now and then. It mellows into a nice skin scent. If you don't like florals but want a change up from the heavier scents, this is something you might try,
By   - from Denver, CO on 1/11/2010
On me there was nothing harmonious or subtle about this blend at all. First I got straight up Jasmin-like smell - MUCH stronger than SL A La Nuit - than that faded and rose came in, and finally something a bit less strident that I cant really identify [and with a touch of lemon maybe?]. On me, this was loud, strident, not really natural and nothing like what I was expecting. It may smell differently on other people so try a sample and see. But definitely sample this first!
By   - from Tokyo on 10/12/2009
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