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100ml $155
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Here's what other people are saying about Equistrius...
Smells nice, soft, and powdery at first but then starts smelling kind of like boiled eggs.
By   - from Toronto on 6/20/2012
Those of you who are longtime fans of Chanel CUIR DE RUSSIE (1924) will love this one. EQUISTRIUS is like a modernized, more dimensional, fleshed-out version of CUIR DE RUSSIE.
By   - artist from Boerne on 6/9/2010
I like my Iris close to the skin and feminine. this might be a keeper... i certainly love the opening....very light and soft. which i love it to last longer, but it soon developed to be more of a warmer and leathery base... I also detact a bit edge of sourness,..not entirely bad (could be just my chemistry) But even though, I think I still like this scent and think very highly of it among my 10 samples I ordered.. If you are a Iris person, should give a try, it might be just what you've been looking for... : )
By   - from L.A on 3/7/2010
Beautiful! Like a soft leather purse filled with faded perfume and lipstick. I get a salty tang too? very very sexy.
By   - Student from UK on 8/17/2009
un parfum magnifique je ne me lasse pas de l'humer tout au long de la journee,car il evolu sur la peau pendant tres longtemp. Un parfum aux efluves discretes,tres classe qui vous font flairter avec les anges.
By   - france from paris on 2/12/2009
So lovely - it's nostalgic and subtle enough where it almost passes for one's natural scent. Beautiful papery note wafts over orris and a scent reminiscent of musky mulberries. It basically smells like my childhood backyard in springtime. Amazing.
By   - Creative from Champaign, IL on 10/20/2008
This is delicious and comforting - love the iris, chocolate, and ambrette combination!
By   - from San Diego on 8/26/2008
I love this scent! The head note is reminiscent of, Dior - Homme. But in a more lighter note. The orris manages to be present in all chords, to the base note which then a light sandalwood emerges, topped off with a hint of chocolate. Wonderful scent as to have me order the bottle!
By   - Bon Vivant from California on 4/11/2008
This scent is beautiful, its lasts very well for hours. It is a regal, unique and elegant perfume that i find a real joy to wear.
By   - Landscape Designer from Austin, TX on 4/6/2008
It's true: the orris shines in this one. Wearing this is perfectly balanced and goes well with men or women. On my skin, it is warm and soft without going too powdery or sharp, like wearing a cozy sweater or blanket. The ingredients are all very well balanced and despite the chocolate note this perfume is not at all 'gourmand', but very lightly high-class without pretense. The ambrette in particular is high quality here, and blends so smoothly and beautifully. The orris never left, however, and I was stunned at the dry-down - excellent staying power! I would wear this anywhere, anytime; it's completely inoffensive, and I cannot get the words "pretty horse" out of my head whenever I think of it or smell it. (Not to say it smells of horse; it's the dream of the suggestion of the name.) Of all the hundreds of samples I've tried, this one really captured my heart. I'm off to buy a pony!
By   - musician, writer from Houston on 3/4/2008
You describe this beautifully! On me it is soft and feminine...the powdery note is not overly sweet and the hint of chocolate upholds the flowers and the buttery notes. A winner for guys or gals in my book!!
By   - Wedding planner from Coastal South Carolina on 10/30/2007
Of the 3 new ones, this is the one that I find really odd. Ingredients are intriguing but the combination doesn't click for me. Wish they did... but the others are fab.
By   - from Brooklyn, NY on 10/5/2007
Is this a gender neutral fragrance? Where is the reference to whether the fragrance is intended for men or women?
By   - from Providence on 9/28/2007
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