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Here's what other people are saying about Iskander...
Love the opening, which is bright with citrus, herbs, and orange blossom, but the dry down is extremely flat and dowdy on me.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/24/2016
This is a dead ringer for L'eau de L'Artisan with one exception: the drydown is more interesting and complex, though like L'eau and other citrus scents, doesn't last long. (Ambre Russe from the same line lasts much longer.) Nice, lighter scent for those amber lovers who want something for the warm weather. 3.5 stars
By   - from san jose, CA on 8/6/2012
This one reminds me of warm beaches, fresh ocean breeze and crystal clear waters. Good longevity. A beautiful, multi-faceted, warm scent
By   - from San Jose on 3/27/2010
I came to Parfum d’Empire’s Iskander expecting a lot. Since it gets its name from Alexander the Great, I was expecting a dynamic Mediterranean-Eastern scent. I was underwhelmed by it. I love its ingredients, I even like what I smell... when and if I can smell it! This one just doesn’t react with my skin, I guess. I put a fair amount on, and get... almost nothing. The experience is like looking at something through binoculars backwards. There is something there, but it is distant. I like subtle scents but this goes beyond subtle to ‘barely there’! The other reviewers detect marvelous things, it must work differently for them. At times, this seems like a faint shadow of the excellent Borsari Acqua Classica. Both have citrus-herbal tones. But BAC delivers! It is still subtle and classy, but it has some kind of personality, it is not a shrinking violet.
By   - from Edmonton on 12/12/2007
Iskander is lovely. The description is exactly right. On me, it lasts 12 hours, but the drydown with it's oakmoss can be a bit dulling over time. I love wearing it, but would not wear it three days in a row. Absolutely full bottle worthy.
By   - Artist from Alxexandria, VA, USA on 3/7/2007
I like the use of the citrus scents in this one. It is balanced with the musk and amber. A good one for spring and summer!
By  on 1/19/2007
A pleasant citrus fragrance that's obviously well made with quality ingredients, but I just find it a bit boring. Wears close to the skin and longevity is not good at all for an EDP.
By  on 1/7/2007
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