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So many people said this was the perfume if you don't like roses. Oh, no! It's an awful, sweaty, boozy rose that's gone bad. Horrible lasting power, too. And yes, I'll admit I'm no rose fan.
By   - Artist from Phoenix on 6/1/2009
Truly gorgeous rose perfume. Been trying lots of rose frags lately, and this one glows. It's not a mere soliflore and is beautifully blended. For a lower price equivalent, Fresh Cannabis Rose is similar (though not identical), evoking the same wine-dark roses, although I'd say this one is more feminine. It also lacks the 'geranium' note that many carry, while foregoing the other obvious comparative, Serge Lutens' Sa Majeste La Rose, with its slightly bitter woody oil note and slightly too much spice. Eau Suave has just the right balance of fruity, dark boozy, pungent but fresh note of dusky roses. I'd also say the drydown places it above Fresh Cannabis Rose, for the sheer poshness factor; well worth the extra $$.
By   - musician from global on 12/31/2008
Its a very comforting scent, yet complex. Clean, but not boring. I have ordered many testers from luckyscent, and this is my favorite so far. I just have to have more of this. yes! yes!
By   - Student from oslo on 8/9/2008
Oh, dear...I was so hoping to love this and thought I did...but the second sampling of this fragrance just smells like mid-level men's aftershave on me. I'm into Hour 3...waiting for some rose-magic...not happening. Maybe it'll work in warmer weather? Glad it works for others, though!
By   - artist from Mill Valley, CA on 3/26/2008
"Eau Suave" manages to combine every aspect of loveliness in a rose fragrance, without any let down, i.e. "Oh, smells so fresh...but too dry, powdery but too oily, etc...". "Eau Suave" is an intelligent rose mixture, where the soapiness of the note is not overwhleming or overwhelmed; it's a regal beauty with mischevious hints of spice weaving throughout it. However, "Eau Suave" is anything but natural---this is indeed a commanding fragrance presence and anything but subtle; adore it, flaunt it, cherish it but don't expect to blend in with the crowd---Empress Josephine certainly wouldn't have.
By  on 10/20/2007
OK, this one almost didn't make it onto my skin because it smelled so weird in the vial. Glad it did, though... oh, the wonders of chemistry! On my wrist it opened into exactly the fragrance described - fruit, spice, roses, with a smidgen of vanilla thrown in, too. This particular fragrance isn't really "me", but it's still very nice.
By  on 8/30/2007
I didn't even order this sample, I was interested in trying AMAZE but unfortunately samples were unavailable when I placed my order...That being said, this scent is everything that I was hoping for and more. My god, what a delicate, warm, complex rose! I wanted to try AMAZE because it supposedly converts die-hard rose-haters. I honestly fell into that category until now. At first, I sampled Montale Crystal Flowers and was like "blah," and figured that I was right, that there was no way I would ever like a rose scent. WRONG! Eau Suave is incredible. Dreamy. If there are roses in heaven, Parfum D'Empire has acquired a stash. If you hate hate hate the scent of roses, then you need to try this more than anyone. If you love roses, this will make you cry! : -)
By   - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 3/19/2007
It's nice but $110 is a little too much. It's everything the description says though. :)
By  on 2/12/2007
This is a beautiful, dark rose scent that should please anyone who loves Agent Provocateur, Divine's new L'inspiratrice, SL's Rose de Nuit, etc. There is a note in this that's slightly medicinal but it fades quickly on my skin. What I'm left with is a beautiful mossy rose with bitter saffron accents and some sweet peach-raspberry notes. This is my favorite fragrance from the entire line.
By   - from NYC on 1/6/2007
So glad Luckyscent is carrying this line. Very quality nice parfums that have great staying power and gorgeous scents. Eau Sauve is a gorgeous clean rose that has spice and a little fruit (peach and raspberry). It reminds me of a spicier CdG Rose but along those lines. It has a little medicinal note that I enjoy and is reminiscent of Napolean times where many perfumes had a hint of antiseptic properties.
By   - from Bridgeport CT on 1/1/2007
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