Sensual Instinct

Eau de Parfum

100ml $170
0.7ml sample $4
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I bought it blindfolded! And no regrets! I wanted to compare it to BR 540 , due to so many rumors out there were saying it's his clone! Nope! It is better then BR540! Some notes are very similar . But in general Sensual Instinct are also very unique, very sexy, long lasting fragrance that hard to reject! Love it ! P.S. Lucky Scent, you guys so amazing! I asked for 4 SAME samples and you gave it to me! It is a pleasure to work with you and I will be ordering again soon!! :X
By   - Nurse  from Chicago on 2/21/2020
I tried this due to the comparison to BR540 and while the drydown is very similar to BR540, this is a bit more complex. Initially it smells like a chocolate covered fruit. Something in the currant or grape family. That must be where the "boozy" description comes from. It stays there for awhile before leveling off into BR540 territory. I think it's a little more masculine than the scale indicates. I wouldn't wear it in weather over 75 degrees. For as divine as BR smells - Sensual Instinct smells better. More full, deeper and richer. It smells like the bottle looks.
By   - Self employed from Fort Worth on 12/1/2019
love it the most it smells uniqe , attractive , special, one of the kind. and it last on clothes
By   - Researcher from Makkah on 7/26/2019
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