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Here's what other people are saying about Perfect Vanilla...
This is so so musky and I like musk but not in here... the vanillas all turn out heavy and bizarre smelling to me. The more it dried down, the more intolerable it became to me.
By   - from Canada on 3/4/2012
Absolute perfect orange vanilla that dries down to a musty musk. Too much musk. Yuck
By   - from NY on 9/7/2010
First impression was an old fashioned Victorian sort of scent- complete with dust. Nice overlay of vanilla, darker things almost overpowering it. Matures on the skin well, gets better smelling as I sit here. For my skin, and personal taste, it's too dry smelling, but I wouldn't mind smelling this on someone else. It's got a nice depth to it.
By   - nurse from chicagoish on 6/25/2010
Very soft and sensual vanilla! Perfect for a romantic first date :) Just remember to carry the bottle with you and spray frequently as it flies away quickly...
By   - HR from ISTANBUL on 6/17/2010
omg, I love Perfect Vanilla, I use the oil first and it lends a little more sweetness and less tobacco...but I love the tobacco drydown, I don't feel like I smell like a cookie! I have had MANY complements on this fragrance, always from men!
By   - Finance Manager from Middle-of-Nowhere, Nebraska on 8/20/2009
The person who said Play-Doh nailed it. Smoked vanilla Play-Doh and sugar cookies. Yech.
By   - mom from Atlanta on 12/6/2008
Ugh...I adore vanilla scents. This one is vanilla milk PlayDoh in the opening. The darker vanilla that comes up during the drydown just cant mask the cloying milky soapiness. Oh well...
By   - Mom from Atlanta on 11/1/2008
This is quite unsusual. After the orange notes dried down and I smelled this wonderful vanilla I actually had goosebumps on my arms! It is very comforting and relaxing. Certainly not sweet, but maybe a bit too smoky for me? But sometimes you have to get used to a scent.
By   - photographer on 7/11/2008
Perfect Vanilla is perfect. It's just not perfect vanilla. It's a perfect mix of blood orange and tobacco. In the moments right after application, PV was a very bright, lemony citrus, total blood orange, with nothing else involved. As the middle of the fragrance came out, it became blood orange tinged with tobacco. I had no idea that tobacco was so lovely! It's a wonderfully adult scent, definitely not for people who wear the sugary vanillas. The tobacco gives the fragrance a more mature quality, and I can imagine someone wearing PV to a ball or a philanthropic function. The last notes of the fragrance are all tobacco on me. It's a beautifully smoky tobacco that lasts. PV lasted overnight on me, so the staying power is great. I would consider buying PV again, but NOT if I was looking for a vanilla scent. PV must be appreciated for its other notes, because the vanilla just never shows up.
By   - from San Diego on 6/25/2008
I don't smell the blood orange and tobacco at all! This is just a really nice vanilla scent on me - pure and powdery without smelling like cookies, as others have said. However, on me this is incredibly light, with no staying power whatsoever. I liked Exact Friction of Stars better, and it was a bit stronger, for a nice pure vanilla scent.
By   - from Denver on 12/19/2007
i think we have a winner! i've tried about 15 samples from luckyscent and this is my only 5 star rating. (thanks for offering samples luckyscent - it's fun to try so many different high end perfumes!) i've wanted a scent i can wear everyday that is simple and light. yes, the gorgeous citrus notes disappear quickly, but what's left behind is delicious. a subtle, grown up vanilla scent. to me, this is not a strong vanilla foody scent. it is light, airy, a bit powdery but not too much. i can't stop smelling myself. nice staying power. it reminds me of Perfect Veil, but a bit less sweet and with a bit more depth. today i will douse myself with the rest of the vial to see if it passes my headache test. if so, i think i'm finally ready to shell out the big bucks for this one!
By   - musician from nyc on 9/7/2007
Did NOT all. a very musky,strong lasting scent,you know its BAD when people ask what da hell are you wearing,without a smile on their face.
By   - nutritionist from cincy on 9/1/2007
Nice, interesting vanilla scent. Not smoky on me-more of a soft vanilla. It grew on me.
By   - from Northern Virginia on 8/7/2007
If you really love Vanilla this will become your favorite. I ordered the oil roll-on and cream from lucky scent. I layer them and this lasts all day. I receive many compliments during the day.
By   - Teacher from Miami on 8/1/2007
very happy with this fragrance - reminds me of Lea but more staying power
By   - from New York on 5/4/2007
Bitter and wet vanilla. Damn tobacco...
By   - from BKK, Thailand on 5/19/2006
Here's what I picture when I smell this: baby powder scented deodorant (the cheap kind), one of Grandma's old sweaters, and blood orange, with just a little of Grandpa's pipe smoke lingering in the air. I've smelled worse when I stand near an old lady (this one isn't too perfumey), so it's okay for seniors, but this one shouldn't be worn by anyone without grandchildren.
By   - RN from NY on 4/14/2006
At first I didn't care much for it. It seems unoriginal at first whiff. When I tried it the second time I forgot I had put it on until I wondered what smelled so good! It grew on me quickly after that.
By  on 9/17/2005
Love at first whiff with this fragrance! I agree with the previous poster, Neil, that this is one of the most luscious vanillas I've ever smelled. I love how the blood orange gives it a creamy citrus smell, then the gradual mellowing and drydown to a warm tobacco. I already own so many vanillas and yet I have to have this one... it's that good.
By   - journalist from the Philippines on 9/8/2004
I don't know why, but I like this scent. It is a very unusual vanilla, not at all food-y. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but it is very sexy. My boyfriend loved it when I wore it dancing with him, which is good because it is incredibly long lasting
By   - paralegal from miami on 8/10/2004
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